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阿瓦隆机场 (AVV)

Information for driver-partners
Get important information about airport drop-offs and pick-ups at Avalon Airport.
Pickups at Avalon Airport


It's easy to receive trip requests from riders leaving the airport. However, these trips work a little differently than other requests.

Step 1: Head to the Uber Holding Bay

To pick-up from Avalon Airport, you can now wait in the Uber Holding Bay, which are located on the left side of the airport roadway just before you reach the terminal.

The area is signed with “Uber Holding Bay”.

Step 2: Meet your rider

When a rider requests, they will be at the Uber Pick-p Bay, which is the first car park in the public pick-up area just outside the Departures Terminal.

The parking bay is signed with “Uber Pick-Up Bay”.

Rides to Avalon Airport


Uber is a smart option for travelers heading to their airport.

At Avalon Airport, simply drop-off riders at their at the departures terminal.


Check your car just as your rider is leaving the vehicle to ensure they haven't left any luggage or belongings behind.

Uber Pickup Bay at Avalon Airport

Where the rider will meet you

The image to the right shows where the location of the Uber Pickup Bay is relative to the Arrivals Terminal.

We've made it easy for riders to connect with driver-partners at this location through in-app guidance as well as visible signage at the airport.

However should you have difficulty locating them, we recommend getting in contact by sending them an SMS or calling them.

Important things to note

Virtual queuing system

Once you enter the Avalon Airport area you’ll be placed in a virtual queue, which means you’ll receive trip requests on a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) basis.

This system ensures that driver-partners who have been waiting the longest get the requests first, instead of the usual system which allocates trips to the driver-partners who is closest.

This means there’s no need to be closest to the terminal to get the request. Drive your vehicle into the designated Waiting Zone (see above) and you will automatically be placed into the queue.

How does short trip protection work?

Now if you get a short-distance trip* from AVV, we'll hold your spot for 12 hours, so that you can return to the same virtual queue and get another trip quickly. If a trip is eligible for short trip protection, we'll let you know in the app before you accept the trip.

*To be eligible for short trip protection, you must be waiting in an airport queue for at least 15 minutes. Short trip protection is valid for 12 hours at the same virtual queue and remains in place even if you go offline or do other trips before returning to the airport's queue. Airport short trip protection distance radius is subject to change.

When is wait time reset?

A driver-partner’s wait time in a zone is NOT reset when:

  • A rider cancels (return to the Waiting Zone in order to receive the next trip request)

A driver-partner’s wait time in a zone IS reset after:

  • Rejecting a trip request
  • Ending or cancelling a trip
  • Going offline

Pro Tip

Most requests from airports occur just after an aircraft arrives. You can find AVV arrivals information here.

How long will I need to wait for a new trip request if I’ve just dropped a rider off at the airport?

You may receive a new trip request quickly, if there’s a rider request nearby when you drop someone off at Avalon airport. This means you may not have to wait in the virtual queue.

If you don’t receive a request within a few moments, this means there are no Rematch trips available and you should wait in the designated waiting area in the virtual queue if you would like to receive another airport trip request.

Please note: Waiting for a Rematch trip at the drop-off or pick-up area is not permitted. Please comply with all airport rules during airport trips.