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Ancillary Certificate and X-Condition

As part of the ridesharing regulations in Tasmania all uberX driver-partners are required to hold an Ancillary Certificate and be issued an appropriate X-condition.
Ancillary Certificate and X-Condition


How can you get an Ancillary Certificate?

  • The good news is that we have been working closely with the Department of State Growth to ensure this process is as streamlined as possible for driver-partners.

  • As you progress through your sign-up process we'll submit an Ancillary Certificate application on your behalf.

Do you already have an Ancillary Certificate?

  • Existing Ancillary Certificate holders will still need an application submitted to the Department of State Growth so that they can be issued the X-condition necessary for ridesharing in Tasmania.

  • If you already have an Ancillary certificate continue through the sign-up process and you'll be able to include the details of your current Ancillary Certificate in the application form.