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Get authorised

Northern Territory state regulations
The Northern Territory Government requires all driver-partners using the Uber app to hold a current Commercial Passenger Vehicle ID, H Endorsement and Commercial Vehicle Licence (CVL) for their vehicle(s). Here's how you can get the required authorisations as quickly as possible.
The authorisation process

What you need to do

1. Get a CPVID and H Endorsement

All driver-partners in the Northern Territory must hold a valid Commercial Passenger Vehicle ID (CPVID) and H Endorsement on their driver’s licence. To obtain these documents, you’ll need to complete an application and submit supporting documents to the Northern Territory government. Learn more below.

2. Complete a vehicle inspection

All vehicles must have a Commercial Vehicle Licence (CVL) and CVL sticker. To obtain these, you will need to complete and pass a vehicle inspection.

3. Get a Commercial Vehicle Licence

Once you have obtained your vehicle inspection report, submit your application for a Commercial Vehicle Licence to the Northern Territory Government.

Steps in detail

What you need to do

Obtain a Commercial Passenger Vehicle ID and H Endorsement

Before you apply

As part of your application for a Commercial Passenger Vehicle ID and H Endorsement, you’ll need to complete a knowledge test and medical assessment and obtain a National Police Certificate and ABN (if you haven’t already). You'll submit these supporting documents when you apply.

Submit application to the NT Government

Complete the application form provided below and submit it along with your supporting documents and application fee to the Northern Territory Government. It typically takes 5 days to receive your CPVID via mail.



Upload your CPV ID to your Uber profile

Once you receive your CPVID in the mail, please upload a photo of it to your Uber profile. Be sure to take a clear picture.

Get a Commercial Vehicle Licence (CVL)

Before you apply

In order to apply for a CVL, you first need to complete a vehicle inspection. Tap below for a list of inspection locations.


Apply for a CVL

To apply for a Commercial Vehicle Licence, your vehicle must have passed a vehicle inspection and be appropriately registered. Complete and submit the application form provided below.


Upload your CVL

Once you’ve received your CVL, upload it to your driver-partner profile. You will also receive a CVL sticker, which you must display on your vehicle when driving using the Uber app.

ANCAP vehicle safety policy

All vehicles must have a 5-Star ANCAP rating or fall under our vehicle exemption policy to qualify for the Uber platform. Vehicles that do not meet our requirements will not be eligible to receive trip requests, and may be deleted from your account.

You can find out whether your vehicle has a 5-Star ANCAP rating at

For more information on our vehicle safety and exemption policies, use the link below.

Driver Safety Education

In the Northern Territory, you and Uber have certain legal obligations to ensure that every trip is safe and welcoming. To make sure you are aware of these obligations, you are required to complete driver safety education before you can start using the Uber Driver app.

The safety education is provided by a third party EduMe, and covers important topics such as avoiding discrimination, preventing sexual harassment, assisting riders with disability, vehicle maintenance and inspection, making sure you are fit to drive and general road safety.

ABN and GST Registration

Driver-partners must be GST registered and provide an Australian Business Number (ABN) in order to access the Uber app. If you haven’t already, you can register for GST via the Australian Tax Office (ATO) website. Alternatively, you can do this through services like AirTax, which are free of charge.

You can provide your ABN details and confirm that you are registered for GST in the ‘Invoice Settings’ section of your Partner Dashboard. Scroll down to fill in the field marked “Australian Business Number (ABN)”, Company/Legal name, and confirm that you are registered for GST.