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Safety never stops

Uber embeds safety into everything we do, which is why we’re continually looking at ways to improve safety for everyone using the Uber app. Building on the concept of our Advisory Forum, we have formed a new National Work Health & Safety Committee for delivery people (Committee). The Committee is a formal way for Uber Eats to continue to consult with delivery people in relation to matters that affect health and safety.

Thank you to all Delivery People who took the time to vote and nominate themselves in the recent Uber Eats National WHS Committee election.

We are very excited to share the current Health & Safety Representatives (HSRs) and Delivery People Representatives (DPRs) on the Committee.

The Transport Workers Union (TWU) acknowledges and supports the establishment of a National WHS Committee to provide formal consultation between delivery workers and Uber Eats Australia. Consultation on all matters that affect health and safety is a crucial step towards making delivery work safer.

Learn about Uber’s National WHS Committee for delivery people

The Committee has 12 Health & Safety Representative (HSR) positions and 13 Delivery People Representatives (DPRs) positions.

More than 50% of delivery people on the Committee are elected by Delivery People.

HSRs are elected by Delivery People and DPR positions are chosen by Uber Eats, except for 3 out of the 4 positions in Victoria which are elected by Delivery People, this is because we are unable to have HSRs in Victoria under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (Vic).

We have also recently elected HSRs and Deputy HSRs in the ACT all of which were elected by Delivery People.

Election Results

We are very pleased to announce the elected HSRs and DPRs for each state and territory as follows:

  • Ranpreet, NSW - Car

  • Michaell, NSW - Bicycle

  • Abdullah, NSW - Other 2 Wheeler


HSRs and DPRs will be eligible to hold their role for a term of up to 3 years. If a HSR or DPR no longer meets the eligibility criteria and/or resigns from the role, an election will be held as soon as practical to ensure that the vacancy is filled.

The newly appointed HSRs and DPRs will attend an induction from Uber and will then meet on a quarterly basis.

If you would like to contact your HSR or DPR about a health or safety concern, please complete this form.

In the following work groups no elections were held as there was only one nominee:

  • Victoria - Bicycle;
  • Northern Territory; and
  • WA 2 - Wheeler.

The Committee also consists of representatives from Uber Eats.

ACT - HSR update
Following a period of consultation and negotiation, four HSRs and two deputy HSRs have been elected in the ACT. Further information in relation to this has been shared with delivery people in the ACT.

Should you have any questions in relation to work groups and HSRs in the ACT, please complete this form.

2024 Committee meeting schedule

27 February 2024
23 May 2024
27 August 2024
26 November 2024


If you would like a copy of the Committee meeting minutes, please complete this form. You must hold an active status on the Uber Eats platform in order to request a copy of the minutes.

Role of the Committee

The roles of the Committee are to:

Provide input from the delivery people they represent

  • Engage regularly with those delivery people to understand and distill important WHS issues and communicate these to Uber Eats.

Provide feedback on health and safety matters

  • Provide feedback to Uber Eats on health and safety matters, including:
    • New things that could cause harm (or hazards) and risks
    • Themes and related suggestions arising from incident trends
    • Effectiveness of safety control measures
    • Suggestions/input on new safety control measures
  • Consider and make suggestions or provide feedback related to education and the promotion of work, health, and safety at Uber Eats

Participate when requested

  • Provide input and feedback related to:
    • Health and safety policies and procedures relevant to their work group
    • Changes that impact health and safety of their work group

A HSR has additional powers and functions. You can find further information regarding this on the Safe Work Australia’s website.

Nominate yourself to be a HSR or DPR

Are you interested in becoming a HSR or DPR? If you would like to express your interest to be a HSR or DPR for any of the listed work groups, please complete the expression of interest form.

Uber Eats will contact you to notify you when there will be a call for nominations.

Don’t forget to enter your email address linked to your Uber account so we can respond to you.

Updated frequently asked questions

  • As part of the consultation period for the Committee, we heard from delivery people across Australia.

    After receiving feedback, we increased the overall number of delivery people on the Committee by 67%. The National WHS Committee consists of 12 HSRs and 13 Delivery People Representatives (DPRs).

    We also heard that the Committee should represent the diverse voices of delivery people (including diversity of gender and cultural background) and that Committee members should be selected on merit. To address this, Uber Eats selected the DPRs.

  • Yes. Please see this video for instructions on how to change the language settings.

  • To ensure that Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) and Delivery People Representatives (DPRs) can adequately represent the views of their work group, they must be an active delivery person.

    To be a HSR in the ACT the following eligibility criteria must be met:
    a. hold an ‘active’ status’ on the Uber Eats Platform; and
    b. have completed at least one Uber Eats’ delivery in the previous 6 months; and
    c. have undertaken more than 50% of their deliveries within the specific workgroup.

  • The following eligibility criteria will apply for a delivery person to nominate themselves to be a DPR and to maintain the position ongoing:

    • Must hold an active status on the Uber Eats platform; and
    • Must have completed a minimum of 200 deliveries during their time as a delivery person; and
    • Must complete an average of 100 deliveries per month; and
    • Must have undertaken a delivery within their state in the last 90 days; and
    • Must meet the mode requirement to deliver by car, motorbike, or bicycle (where applicable).
  • Victorian health and safety legislation is different from legislation in other states, which means that delivery people are not eligible to become a HSR in their capacity as a delivery person using Uber Eats. There are currently 4 DPRs in Victoria. 3 out of the 4 positions in Victoria have been elected by Delivery People.

  • During the consultation period, we received feedback from delivery people highlighting that diversity and selection based on merit are important factors when determining who represents them on health and safety matters.

    Because of this, Uber Eats has selected the Delivery People Representatives and used the following criteria as guidance (these are in no particular order): Diversity (including but not limited to gender and cultural background) If the individual nominated themselves to be a HSR but was the unsuccessful candidate, the overall number of votes they received from their peers during the online voting process The delivery person’s submission in their nomination form and video submission

  • If you would like to contact your HSR or DPR about a health or safety concern, please complete this form.

  • In 2021, we launched the Uber Advisory Forums in Australia to bring together passionate delivery people to help shape the future of Uber Eats. In 2023, we will again hold 2 forums, where the Advisers will have an opportunity to give feedback, share their ideas for solutions, and advocate for the interests of their fellow delivery people. Advisers help shape the topics discussed, to make sure we’re focusing on the things that matter most to you.

    Please visit the Advisory Forum website for further information, including how to participate. The Advisory Forums are separate from the National Work Health & Safety Committee.

  • Please complete the online form and make sure you include your email address so that we can respond to your question.