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Sydney Airport (SYD)

Information for drivers
Riders at SYD can request Uber when leaving the airport. Learn how to receive these trip requests and cash in on the action.
How to receive requests

Picking up from Sydney Airport

If you’re waiting at Sydney Airport, you’ll be placed in a virtual queue, which means you’ll receive trip requests on a first in, first out basis. This system ensures that driver-partners who have been waiting the longest get the requests first, instead of the usual system which allocates trips to whoever is closest.

Driver-partners completing trips at Sydney Airport must comply with Sydney Airport’s Operating Procedures.

Driver-partners must also comply with local council traffic rules (e.g. avoid stopping in Bus Zones, Yellow Lines, Clearway, No Standing Zones, etc.).

Penalties may apply for stopping or parking in an incorrect location. We suggest checking and following the local traffic signage to ensure you comply with Government and Council requirements.

How to accept trips

Pickups at Sydney Airport

1. Enter the virtual queue

To receive trip requests at Sydney Airport, place yourself in the virtual queue by heading to the designated International or Domestic waiting area. The designated waiting areas are the only locations where driver-partners can receive trip requests.

Note: Uber Premier driver-partners will receive an email containing instructions on how to access Premier Airport trips after completing their first premium trip.

2. Accept a trip request and head to the pickup area

Once you are at the front of the queue, you will receive the next available trip request. In order to meet your rider, follow the navigation to the appropriate pickup location.

Pickup location will vary depending on which product your rider has requested and which terminal your rider has requested from. Please refer to the maps below.

Uber Premier: Riders will be able to enjoy being picked up from the designated Limo Pickup area (kerbside). There is a Limo Pickup area at the International and Domestic terminal.

All Other Products: Riders will be picked up from the Priority Pickup area. There is a Priority Pickup area at the International and Domestic terminal.

3. Locate your rider and exit the airport

Once your rider is in your car, you can begin the trip just as you normally would, following the signs to exit the airport.

Pickups at SYD

Frequently asked questions

Do I lose my place in the queue if the rider cancels?

No, you will not lose your place in the queue if your rider cancels. However, you may lose your place in the queue for any of the following reasons:

  • You do not accept a trip request
  • You end or cancel a trip request
  • You leave the airport area
  • You go offline

Why did I get a request from the suburbs even though I was waiting for an airport request?

So you can spend more time on-trip and less time waiting, you will still be eligible to receive normal trip requests from the surrounding areas while in the waiting area. These requests are based on the normal distance-based system, not the virtual queue.

My rider called me and asked me to pick them up kerbside at the terminal, what do I do?

To ensure that traffic at the terminal is kept to a minimum, pick-ups by uberX driver-partners must only occur from the designated pick-up areas. If the rider is unsure about where to go, tell them to follow the bright green signs which say “Priority Pick-up” for the international and domestic terminal.

How does short trip protection work?

Now if you get a short-distance trip* from SYD, we'll hold your spot for 6 hours, so that you can return to the same virtual queue and get another trip quickly. If a trip is eligible for short trip protection, we'll let you know in the app before you accept the trip.

*To be eligible for short trip protection, you must be waiting in an airport queue for at least 15 minutes. Short trip protection is valid for 6 hours at the same virtual queue and remains in place even if you go offline or do other trips before returning to the airport's queue. Airport short trip protection distance radius is subject to change.

How much time can I spend in the waiting area?

There are fees in the waiting area if you remain there for more than 30 minutes. This fee will be automatically charged to your e-tag by Sydney Airport when you exit through the boom gates. Additional waiting fees may apply if driver-partners are in the pick up areas for an extended period of time. Please refer to the Sydney Airport website for more information.

How much time can I spend in the pickup area?

At the International Terminal, driver-partners may only wait in the Priority Pickup area for up to 15 minutes before fees are charged to their e-tag.

At the Domestic Terminal, Sydney Airport will automatically charge a fee to driver-partners’ e-tags based on the amount of time that they spend in the Priority Pickup area.

Please refer to the Sydney Airport website for more information.

How do I know what position I am in the queue?

Shortly after arriving in the designated waiting area, your position in the queue will appear. It’s important to remember that position in queue won’t always mean the same wait time; for example, position 15 can sometimes wait 30 minutes and other times only 5 minutes.

What is the best time to wait at the airport?

This can differ across the week depending on flight arrival times. We recommend checking information made available from Sydney Airport Flight Information to choose when you wish to wait at the airport and maximise your chance of receiving trip requests.

My rider took a long time to get to me and I had to pay for my parking, will Uber reimburse me?

Uber will not reimburse you for parking fees. Sydney Airport allows you a limited amount of free waiting time at the pick-up areas:

For pickup at the international and domestic terminal in the Priority Pickup area, the rider will be charged the $4.35 Sydney Airport Access Fee. If you wait more than 15 minutes in the pickup zone you may receive additional fees.

The app advises riders to only request once they’ve exited the terminal, so it’s unlikely you’ll need to wait long.

What if my rider cancels when I am on my way to pick them up?

If you get a rider cancellation when you’re already on your way to the terminals, you will be eligible to receive another trip request within the next 8 minutes. If you do not receive a trip request during this time you will need to return to the waiting lot.

How long will I need to wait for a new trip request if I’ve just dropped a rider off at the airport?

You may receive a new trip request quickly, if there’s a rider request nearby when you drop someone off at Sydney airport. This means you may not have to wait in the virtual queue.

If you don’t receive a request within a few moments, this means there are no Rematch trips available and you should wait in the designated waiting area in the virtual queue if you would like to receive another airport trip request.

Please note: Waiting for a Rematch trip at the drop-off or pick-up area is not permitted. Please comply with all airport rules during airport trips.

Airport Fees

Learn more

Sydney Airport will automatically charge a fee to driver-partners’ e-tags when completing a pickup. The fee will be automatically added to the rider’s fare for any trips involving pickups at Sydney Airport and paid to the driver-partner in their next weekly pay statement.

Fees vary depending on which pickup area you are going to.

TerminalPriority Pickup (all other products)Limo Pickup (Uber Premier only)

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