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Add some color to your pickup. This feature transforms your phone screen into a glowing spotlight that guides your driver to you.

Why it's helpful

Spotlight makes it easier for you and your driver to find each other, even in tricky situations. Your phone screen will light up with a preselected color, you will hold your phone up, and your driver will be notified of what color to look for—making your pickup even easier.

How it works

Request your ride

Tap to open the app and request a ride as you normally would.

Tap the Spotlight button

Your phone screen will automatically light up to a preselected color.

Hold up your phone

Turn the screen to face your driver as they're arriving.

Sign up

Download the app and set up your account so you’re ready the next time you need a ride.


Invite friends to use Uber, and they’ll get a discount on their first ride.

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