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تخطٍ للوصول إلى المحتوى الرئيسي

Strong communities require different backgrounds, perspectives, and inclusion.

Our employees represent more than 70 countries, and riders and drivers on the Uber platform still more than that. We publicly support policies that help promote diversity and inclusion in the countries where Uber is available. Our stance is clear in our Community Guidelines: racism and discrimination have no place on our platform. We take complaints of this behavior very seriously and are committed to taking swift and firm action. There’s just no other way to move forward.

أوبر للجميع

Many riders, drivers, and Uber employees are immigrants—and we support them, as we did in these efforts:

Standing up for drivers affected by the travel ban

We pledged $3 million to support drivers affected by the decision in the US. They were offered free legal help, and nearly 500 reached out for assistance. Through our efforts, 26 drivers were reunited with family members separated by the travel ban, and Uber flew 68 people to reunite them with their families in the US.

The Mercury News, March 20, 2017

Supporting equal rights in Charlottesville

Helping reunited families at the US border

إرشادات مُجتمع أوبر