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Rent a car

Renting a car gives you ultimate flexibility to drive on your schedule.

Benefits of renting

Unlimited km's

Drive as much as you want. There are no mileage caps for Uber partners.

Low cost

Get a car from our rental partners, for as little as R1380 p/week and R0,40/km

Rental and replacement vehicles

Sometimes it happens that your vehicle needs to go in for maintenance or it has been written off. We don’t want you to lose out on the time that you could’ve spent on the road. You are able to upload a rental vehicle temporarily or put a vehicle on your profile to replace the current one.

Adding a rental vehicle

1) Load your vehicle

Go to and add the rental vehicle to your Uber profile.

2) Upload your documents

  • Upload the Rental Agreement under 'Operators Card' and 'Vehicle Inspection
  • Upload the rental vehicles insurance

3) Let us know

Only let us know that you would like to activate your rental vehicle once all of the documents have been uploaded.

Permanently replacing a vehicle

1) Load your vehicle

Go to and add the replacement vehicle to your Uber profile.

2) Upload your documents

Upload all required documents for the vehicle. Just as you would a new vehicle.

3) Let us know

Only let us know that you would like to activate this replacement vehicle once all of the documents have been uploaded.

Rental partners

Pace car rental

For existing driver-partners operating on Uber wanting to add their first vehicle or replace an existing active vehicle: Rent a suitable car including insurance, device and maintenance.

  • Vehicle Type: Nissan Almera or Toyota Corolla Quest
  • Deposit: R5000
  • Cost per week: R1,750 per week for a Kia Rio 1.2, but other vehicles are available
  • Cost per KM: R0.50 per km maintenance (first 200 kms free)
  • Accident Cover: included
  • Minimum Term: 180 days
  • Waiting list: only Active drivers accepted

Pace car rental will rent you an UberX vehicle with the following benefits:

  • Device with 2GB data per month and fuel card provided
  • Your vehicle is already registered with Uber… Ready-to-drive!
  • Replacement car if you have an accident
  • Personal use allowed
  • Free vehicle upgrade when it is no longer suitable for Uber
  • Get 2 weeks free per year (the longer you rent, the lower the price)

Johannesburg and Cape Town only


At FlexClub we offer personalized prices, so you can unlock cheaper rentals based on your work profile. Ownership option, our unique Drive-To-Buy option gives you the flexibility to buy the car whenever it suits you. Our dedicated support team is available anytime via phone, email or WhatsApp.

  • Deposit: From R4,000
  • Weekly Fee: From R2,300 for unlimited KM options
  • Maintenance Rates: From R0/km (Unlimited KM options available)
  • Maintenance Cost and Services: Included
  • Tracking device: Included and fitted
  • Insurance: full comprehensive insurance included (excess applies)
  • Drive-To-Buy: Option to buy the vehicle at any time after renting for 1 year

Johannesburg and Cape Town only


The opportunity of being an entrepreneur (Your Own Boss), Low competitive market rates, Vehicle maintenance at every service interval at no cost to you! Dedicated support and 24/7 call center and roadside assistance.

  • Deposit - R7566.00 Refundable
  • Cost per Week - R2154.00 /week, 1500 Kilometres Free per week
  • Additional mileage charge is 0.50c per kilometer if you have exceeded the free km’s
  • Accident Cover - Included
  • The minimum term for rental - 30 days
  • Vehicle Type - Uber X - Hyundai Accent or similar
  • Damage and Theft Waiver - R5044.00 per incident. Should the damage equate to less than R5044 then the lesser amount will be billed.
  • Roadside assistance - 24-hour
  • Value Add - Tyre and windscreen waivers available on request
  • Exclusions -Dekra, Double Disk and Passenger Liability

Johannesburg only


Easyway Leasing offers tailor-made full maintenance, designed to empower Uber driver-partners, giving you the potential to own your vehicle at the end of 36 months or sooner.

  • Deposit: R10,000
  • Weekly Fee: from R1,500 weekly fees
  • Maintenance Rates: R0.45/km (pricing dependent on vehicle) (no charge for the first 250 km per week)
  • Maintenance Cost and Services: included
  • Tracking device: included and fitted
  • Insurance: full comprehensive insurance included (excess applies)

Cape Town only

Before renting a vehicle

  • Rental vehicles that are replacing existing active vehicles will be accepted on the platform.
  • Before renting a vehicle, make sure that you have prior approval from Uber and that you have reached the top of the waiting list.
  • Uber driver-partners that are adding their first & only active vehicle may apply for a rental deal.

Ready to make money?

Rental vehicles can only be active on the system for a maximum of 30days after which they will be deactivated.

The information provided on this web page is intended for informational purposes only and may not be applicable in your country, region, or city. It is subject to change and may be updated without notice. Uber is not responsible for the products or services provided by other companies.