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Make your event unforgettable with Uber Events

Give your guests flexible door-to-door transportation and only pay for the rides they use. No waste, easy planning, and happy guests.

Easy for you and your guests

Create custom invites and ride passes in minutes. With Uber Events, your guests get everything they need to ride to your event and back.

Because sometimes the party goes late

A good event can run into the wee hours. You want to make sure your guests get home safe and sound. By providing them rides with Uber Events, you can be confident they will.

Only pay for the rides they take

Choose how much you want to spend on each ride. You’ll only pay for the rides your guests use, plus a small administrative fee.

Let us help you plan the perfect event

Purchase ride passes for event

First, create your event by choosing when, and where you want your guests to ride.

Distribute ride passes to guests

Next, distribute ride passes to your guests by sharing your custom ride pass link or promo code.

Your guests travel safely

Lastly, be worry-free knowing your guests will ride in style and safely—no matter how late the event goes.

Uber Events FAQs

  • When you purchase rides for your event, a 25% authorization hold will be placed on your card to verify the payment method. This hold will be immediately voided.

    In addition, there is a 2.5% administrative fee (on the full promotional value of ride passes) at the time of purchase, except for markets where the product is currently in beta (Brazil, New Zealand, Mexico). Both the service fee and the authorization hold are calculated off the total projected value of your event.

  • If the total cost of a guest ride exceeds the value of the ride pass issued by the event organizer, guests will pay for any outstanding charges with their default payment option. Guests can update payment method before or during their request. As the event creator, you’ll never pay for anything in excess of what you’ve set as the max amount per ride.

  • You’ll receive an email with a unique link or promo codes that can be easily shared with your guests. Guests can claim their ride pass in two ways: a ‘Claim My Ride’ link or by entering the promo code in their Uber app.

  • If you're planning on hosting a large event and need to purchase more than $10,000 worth of ride passes, or if you are planning an event that will run for longer than 7 days, please tell us more. We'd be happy to help you set up your large event.