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Get there the easy way with Uber

Quick, reliable and casual — go where you want, when you want.

You’re in charge. Where to?

Request a ride now and live life the way you want. Take the hassle out of travel.

Running late → Right on time

Beating the morning rush.

Too much to do, no time to do it? Travel with Uber to save time and arrive feeling cool, calm and collected.

Dusk → Dawn

Going out with friends

Go wherever the night takes you — and home again. Uber makes it easy to live in the moment.

Lost → In control

Looking for adventure

Exploring somewhere new, or got a bit lost? No worries, your ride is just a tap away.

Weather-beaten → Comfortable

Escaping the elements

Whether it’s raining outside or too hot to handle, travel in comfort with a door-to-door ride.

Overloaded → Unburdened

Shopping smart

Next time you get a bit carried away at the market, let Uber carry you and your shopping home.

Tired → Refreshed

Spoiling yourself

Long day? Treat yourself to an Uber ride and arrive feeling fresh, relaxed and ready for anything.

Rate your ride after your trip

Your feedback matters. The two-way rating system maintains an enjoyable Uber experience and helps keep riders and drivers safe.

Certain requirements and features vary by country, region, and city.