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Uber Hero guide

Uber Hero is an innovative program that enables you to earn money and build a business, by guiding others to success on Uber’s platform.

While it’s easy for anyone to get started, mastering Uber Hero takes skill, practice, and dedication.

Here you’ll find a guide on the key parts of Uber Hero.

Uploading documents

Uber Hero lets you upload documents for your lead, so all they have to do is provide them to you. You can see which documents are required from within the Hero app.

Open driver profile

Find your lead by searching for them by name, email, or phone number, or by scrolling through your lead list. Click on their name and you will see their profile page in your app.

Select document to upload

Scroll through the list of documents to find the one you want to upload.

Open uploader tool

Click on the document name to bring up the uploader tool. Upload the image from your image library, or on mobile you may also take a picture of the image with your phone’s camera and upload it.

Upload complete!

The document’s status will change to ‘Uploaded’ and the color will turn green if the upload was successful.

Managing leads and earnings

Learn how to manage your leads, manage progress and get paid.

Driver trip status

Find a driver using the search bar or through tapping ‘Drivers’. Click on their name to open their profile.

Here you can view the progress bar that shows how many trips they have completed and how close they are to the amount that triggers your Hero payment.

You can also see the date of their last trip, and the date when their account was activated by Uber.

Contacting a driver

Find a driver using the search bar or through tapping ‘Drivers’. Click on their name to open their profile.

At the top right corner of the screen, you will see a speech bubble icon, click on this icon to open the contact options.

Checking your earnings

On any driver’s profile, you can see their progress bar showing ‘trips completed’ near the top of the page.

If you are the owner of your Hero business, the money you will receive when the driver fills the trips bar is displayed.

If you are not the owner, you will only see the driver’s progress toward the trip threshold, and not the payout.

Help your drivers to succeed

Gain a deeper understanding of the Uber platform, what it offers and what it requires from drivers. Use this information to give your drivers the best chance of long-term success with Uber.

  • Getting the car ready

    Helpful tips and tricks to ensure your driver is ready to start taking trips in a professional way.

Finding more leads

Finding people to drive with Uber is every Hero’s first task. Here are some tips to help increase your reach.

Real world marketing

This is how many Heroes start - using your own network of friends and acquaintances. As you grow, you may want to find and recruit more people with:

Street teams

Put together a team, go to a busy public area and find and recruit new leads. A great way to connect personally with a broad range of people.

Networking events

Effective, low cost and scalable, networking events involve inviting leads to a time and place of your choosing, where you can impress them with your offer.


Put your recruitment message and business details on a printed flyer, and distribute them. Access the Uber logo from the brand kit.

Online marketing

There are some costs to it and it’s not easy, but there is a reason why some of the most successful Heroes worldwide have mastered online marketing. This could include:

Social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and other social media platforms make it easy to reach the right people with paid advertising. For step-by-step assistance, visit each platform.

Paid advertisements

Like social media marketing, you pay to put your message on sites your audience are visiting. Find more information by searching online.

Email marketing

Send an email through to a list of potential leads.