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Apply to become an Uber Eats delivery partner

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By proceeding, I agree to Uber’s Terms of Use and acknowledge that I have read the Privacy Notice.

By proceeding, I am also consenting to receive calls or SMS messages, including by automatic dialer, from Uber and its affiliates to the number I provide. I understand that I may opt out by texting “STOP” to 89203.

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Upload documents and pass the review process

You can find the required documents as below. Please upload those documents to the App. We will need 1-2 days to review. In the meantime, you can choose to proceed to the next step.

Motorcycle Driver License

  • Please make sure you are legitimate to ride a motorcycle.

Profile photo

  • Please note that once you submit your profile photo it cannot be changed.
  • No photos of a photo, filters, or alterations
  • Click here for more details.
  • Click here to download and print, and take a photo and upload after completing the filling and signing.
  • Do not change the format, electronic signature or use a pencil to sign.

Criminal Background Check

  • You can apply online through this link.
  • The application date must be within three months

National ID

  • Take a picture of the front side of your national ID card (include all corners).

Motorcycle License Registration

  • Please make sure that your "license plate and engine number" is consistent with "compulsory insurance"

Motorcycle Compulsory Insurance

  • You may apply for the electronic file and upload the screenshot
  • You may download the compulsory insurance electronic card here.

Pass the online test

Uber Eats 4 courses for delivery partners

Please carefully read and study the Uber Eats 4 courses for delivery partners.

  • Food Safety
  • Occupational Safety
  • Road Safety
  • Platform Guidelines

It takes approximately 3 hours to read, please complete the course in compliance with the legal requirement. Please enter the online exam platform to complete the course via Uber Driver App.

Uber Eats online safety test

After studying the above materials, please take the Uber Eats online safety test. It’s mandatory to score 90 or more to pass the test. Please enter the online exam platform to complete the course via Uber Driver App.

  • Open the Uber Driver App > Menu > Inbox > Open the message "【通知】完成外送合作夥伴課程" > Click "立即開始" > Click "Go to Education"
  • Please note that if you score lower than 90, you did not pass the assessment. You may retake the test at your own choice.

Prepare an insulated delivery bag

While waiting for the documents to be reviewed, you may choose to go to the mall to purchase an insulated delivery bag or use your own eligible insulated delivery bag.

If you would like to use your own eligible insulated delivery bag, it is recommended to contact with support service via the App’s help node in the Driver App and check if it meets the regulated standard of food safety and hygiene.

We will activate your account in 3 working days after you complete the above steps.

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Take note

  1. As a reminder, according to our Community Guidelines, intentionally falsifying information or assuming someone else’s identity is strictly forbidden. Therefore, please provide accurate information. To learn more about our community guidelines, please click this link.

  2. The information you are uploading, including your personal information on your CALI certificate, may be used for identity or document verification. To learn more about our privacy policy, please click this link.

  3. Please enter the online exam platform to complete the course via Uber Driver App from March 16th 2022.

  4. Please be reminded that if you receive a notification about "Insulation Bag pickup", it is recommended that you pick it up as soon as possible, to facilitate the activation process.

  • The official name of the document is "Police Criminal Record Certificate". You may pick it up at the police station after 2 working days after applying online and receiving that system notification for pick up.

    1. If you purchased a delivery bag from the mall, please ensure you purchased this one.
    2. Please ensure you use the same phone number as your delivery partner account for mall member registration.
    3. Please ensure you use the same information as your mall account for bag order information.
    4. Please check if you've completed Uber Eats 4 courses and scored 90 or more for the exam.
    5. If any of the document does not have a "green check mark", it means your documents did not pass the review.
    6. Please ensure that you do not have a duplicated account.

    If you have ruled out all of the situations above and your account is still not activated, please contact support via this link.

    請確認是否曾註冊過帳號(有重複帳號)。如有,請確認其他帳號已有開通 (每人僅限開通一組帳號) 若您已確認排除上述情形仍無法開通上線,請透過「幫助」 取得協助。

  • If you used phone number that is different from your delivery partner account to register, please enter the mall and make the following revision:

    1. Log in to your mall account
    2. Enter the member page and select "查看個人資訊"
    3. Revise your phone number to the same one as your delivery partner account.
  • If you used information that is different from your partner account to order the delivery bag, please make the following revision:

    1. Enter the member page, select the bag order and click on "查看詳情"
    2. Check the name and phone number from the order information.
    3. Revise your order information to match the informations from your mall account.
  • Yes, you can. As long as you get the consent from the vehicle owner and are able to provide legitimate and correct vehicle documents, i.e. vehicle license registration and compulsory insurance document.

  • Yes, if you apply for multiple accounts, your account might be locked or stuck in the activation process.

    In addition, it is not recommended to use different devices to log into your account at the same time to avoid the potential occurrence of shared accounts or duplicate accounts which is against our Community Guidelines.

  • The Uber Community Guidelines strictly forbid account sharing. Each delivery partner needs to have one independent/separate account to ensure that delivery partner comply with the Community Guidelines. You can share the same vehicle with your relatives and friends, and they may register the vehicle in their respective accounts.

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