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Where to, Bratislava?

24. apríl 2019 / Slovensko

We are happy to announce that starting today you can request rides with the Uber app in Bratislava again!

No matter if you are running errands, headed to a business meeting or getting after work drinks with your friends – we are here for you!

Ready to ride with Uber?

Request your ride with the promo code BRATISLAVA and get up to 4.5 EUR off your trip in Bratislava*

You can get to Vienna Airport only for 45 EUR from Bratislava city center!

About Uber

Uber is an app that connects you to drivers in your city. You can use the Uber app in 600+ cities and 60+ countries worldwide – and now also in Bratislava!

Since we were away, multiple new features have been added to the Uber app to make your trips even more reliable and convenient .

Check out a message from our General Manager here.

Meet our first Uber rider in Bratislava: Lubomir Visnovsky

“ I’m glad the city of Bratislava will be able to rely on Uber again, especially since tens of thousands of people will need a safe ride during the upcoming championships. I’ve used Uber many times abroad and I’m happy that I can use again in my home country”,  says our first rider in Bratislava.

Frequently asked questions

How to request a ride?
  1. Download the Uber app on your mobile phone
  2. Register your account and choose your preferred  payment method
  3. Enter your destination
  4. Request your ride and follow the driver’s arrival in real time. In case you have comments about your pick-up, you can contact the driver directly in the Uber app.  
  5. You are set to go! Sit back and relax. Don’t forget to rate your driver after the trip.
How to add a promo code?
  • To add a promo code, go to the “Payment” section in your Uber app and add the code “BRATISLAVA” for 4.5 EUR off your ride  
  • The promo code is valid only for 1 trip for all users
  • The promo code is valid for trips within the city of Bratislava from April 25th to May 17th 2019 11:55 pm.
  • The maximum discount is 4.5 EUR for 1 trip. In cases when the trip is less than 4.5 EUR, the remaining sum of the promo will expire. In case when trip fare is higher than 4.5 EUR, the user will be charged for the difference between trip fare and promo value.
What Uber options are available in Bratislava?

In Bratislava you can request affordable everyday rides with UberX. UberX driver partners have mid-range vehicles in a variety of colors and styles, with a capacity for up to 4 passengers.

What are the tariffs for rides in Bratislava?

Tariffs for rides are transparently shown in the Uber app upon requesting. All payments, with card are processed through the Uber app. 

Base fee

1.20 Eur

Per minute

0.05 Eur

Per km

0.42 Eur

Minimum fare/cancelation fee

2.50 Eur

Do I see the price before requesting the trip?

You can see the exact trip price before requesting your ride and pay by card.

Need help with your account or trip?

Please visit the Help section in your Uber app or go to Describe the situation and our support team will contact you shortly.


* Promo code is valid until 17/05/2019, 11:55 pm and applicable in Bratislava only.