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Ersin Yumer

Ersin is a Staff Research Scientist, leading the San Francisco research team within Uber ATG R&D. Before joining Uber, he led the perception machine learning team at Argo AI, and before that he spent 3 years at Adobe Research. Ersin completed his PhD studies at Carnegie Mellon University, during which he spent several summers at Google Research. His current research interests lie at the intersection of machine learning, 3D computer vision, and graphics. Ersin develops end-to-end learning systems and holistic machine learning applications that bring signals of the visual world together: images, point clouds, videos, 3D shapes, and depth scans.

Recent publications

Hierarchical Verification for Adversarial Robustness

Cong Han Lim, Raquel Urtasun, Ersin Yumer (ICML 2020)

Jointly Learnable Behavior and Trajectory Planning for Self-Driving Vehicles

Abbas Sadat*, Mengye Ren*, Andrei Pokrovsky, Yen-Chen Lin, Ersin Yumer, Raquel Urtasun (IROS 2019, oral)

iMapper: Interaction-Guided Joint Scene and Human Motion Mapping from Monocular Videos

Aron Monszpart, Paul Guerrero, Duygu Ceylan, Ersin Yumer, Niloy J. Mitra (SIGGRAPH 2019, oral)

UPSNet: A Unified Panoptic Segmentation Network

Yuwen Xiong*, Renjie Liao*, Hengshuang Zhao*, Rui Hu, Min Bai, Ersin Yumer, Raquel Urtasun (CVPR 2019, oral)

Exploratory Stage Lighting Design Using Visual Objectives

Evan Shimizu, Sylvain Paris, Matt Fisher, Ersin Yumer, Kayvon Fatahalian (Eurographics 2019, oral)

Learning a Generative Model for Multi-Step Human-Object Interactions from Videos

He Wang, Sören Pirk, Ersin Yumer, Vladimir G. Kim, Ozan Sener, Srinath Sridhar, Leonidas J. Guibas (Eurographics 2019, oral)

Photo-Sketching: Inferring Contour Drawings from Images

Mengtian Li, Zhe Lin, Radomír Měch, Ersin Yumer, Deva Ramanan (WACV 2019, oral)