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More than just the voice of Uber, our communications team crafts narratives and messages that get to the heart of our business and create connections with internal and external audiences. We’re strategic storytellers, and we do it all: announce new products and safety features, share investor updates, leverage PR and influencers to amplify our voice, handle hot topics, and support employees, sharing information and stories in ways that bridge the gap between information and inspiration.

Inside Communications


Explore our Communications teams

  • Our Corporate Communications team shapes the big-picture narratives about Uber’s business and place in the world; showcases the company’s culture and leaders; tells drivers’ stories; and handles communications around financial, legal, and other hot topics.

  • Our Consumer Communications team develops PR strategies to ensure Uber news, product launches, partnership announcements, and proactive campaigns connect to a wide swath of audiences. We look at advanced tech and business narratives through a lifestyle lens, cultivate connections with reporters across verticals and types of publications, and connect with influencers to amplify our message.

  • Our Internal Communications team works to give employees the “inside scoop” on what’s happening at Uber, beyond what they read in the news. It’s easier to do your job if you understand what’s happening and why, so we think that if you work here, you should hear the exclusive stuff no one else can! It’s our job to help a growing company feel like a community, and to connect the dots between Uber’s strategy and employees’ day-to-day work. We take pride in showcasing the best of Uber to Uber.

  • Our Product Communications team focuses on storytelling in tech and consumer media to drive awareness for our products and how we’re innovating to better serve our customers, partners, and cities.

  • Our Safety Communications team focuses on strategy and storytelling about Uber’s work to make travel safer than ever before. We manage press on all safety and customer service issues, incidents, products and initiatives.

  • The global Social team is a nimble internal team that lives and breathes all social channels, who prioritizes output, community engagement, conversation, and connecting Uber to culture. We run our social effort like a newsroom: culture “reporters” with “story assignments” who are producers and content masters, who are scrappy and creative, and who spiritedly engage with our communities. We connect Uber to what customers value everyday.

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