Starting on the 2nd of January a Kiss&Fly area has been introduced in front of the departure area at Warsaw’s Chopin Airport. The duration for which a driver can stop in this area has been limited – after 7 minutes, each private driver will be charged a fee of 30 PLN when leaving the area.

What does this mean for users?

As the first 7 minutes are free of charge, uber partner-drivers will wait a maximum of 3 minutes (counted since time of arrival to pickup point) before departing the designated area. After this time, the driver will have the right to leave the area and cancel the trip, which will result in a 10 PLN cancellation fee charged to the rider’s account.

Is it me you’re looking for?

The Uber app will automatically suggest one of two designated pickup points at the airport. Be sure to select the point close to your location and swiftly head down to the location visible on your map. Area AB and area CDE are presented on the map below:

*CDE and *AB are pickup points located at the upper-floor

How can I ensure a swift pickup?

Remember to request your ride after picking up your luggage and leaving the airport building. You should be ready to hop into the car upon its arrival – your driver has 7 minutes in total to arrive, pack your luggage and leave the designated Kiss&Fly area. Be sure to:

  • Contact your driver straight after you’ve requested a ride,
  • Make sure he is aware of your luggage,
  • Head down to the designated pickup point marked on the map,
  • If you did not manage to meet your driver in time, cancel your trip and request once more.

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