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How to take cash trips

In certain areas of the world, the Uber app offers riders a cash payment option. Riders there can pay you in cash instead of being charged automatically within their app.

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The basics of cash trips

A cash trip will look like any other, with a couple of small changes. When you’re picking up a rider who is paying in cash, a cash badge will appear in your app as you get near their destination. When you arrive and complete the trip, your app will show Collect cash at the top.

How cash trips work

1. Accepting and taking trips happens the same way as usual.

2. When a cash trip ends, the app will show the amount owed in cash and ask you to collect it from your customer.

3. Riders are encouraged to pay the exact amount but may ask you for change in some cases.

Why cash trips?

Cash trips allow more people to use Uber, and that means more business for you. Accepting cash means you get paid on the spot. A part of your cash fares includes Uber’s service fee. You can track any outstanding balances in the app.


Reading these recommendations from other drivers might help you prepare for your first cash trip.

Carrying change

Depending on where you live, cash trips may happen often. But regardless of how frequently you collect cash for a ride, carrying small bills is a smart move in case the rider isn’t prepared with their exact amount.

Depositing your cash regularly

You might not want to carry too much cash in your car if you’ve taken several cash trips in a day or week. Try to deposit any large sums you’ve earned over the course of several rides.

Questions from drivers

  • Cash trips are becoming available in many areas. You’ll know if they’re part of your local Uber experience as you begin to see them in your app.

  • When you complete a trip, the app will let you know that this rider chose to pay in cash. If you want to know in advance before you drop them off, you can always ask them, “Is this a cash trip?”

  • You’ll always be paid for every trip you take. If your rider doesn’t have the money for any reason, or doesn’t have enough, you don’t need to argue with them or try and persuade them. Just drop them off and Uber will cover the cost within the Driver app. This is also true if you’ve forgotten to collect cash from your rider.

  • Uber prohibits cash payments for non-cash trips. If a rider wants to pay cash at the end of a trip, but it’s not indicated to you as a cash trip, don’t worry—you’ll still get paid.

  • Any tolls you've been charged during the trip will be added to the cash total that’s displayed in your app at the end.

  • The usual Uber service fee is deducted from the total, as with all trips. In the case of a cash trip, this fee will be deducted from your earnings separately from the cash you take from the rider. There are no other fees for cash trips, and if your rider is using a promotion or has another discount, you’ll receive a rebate in your earnings.

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