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Uber Flash: deliver items using the Uber app

Learn about additional earning opportunities you can sign up for in Uber’s Driver app.

What is Uber Flash?

Uber Flash is a product that lets users send items—like a care item for a loved one, sold items, or a business document—from one place to another. By adding Uber Flash to your list of product offerings, you can increase your earnings with on-demand delivery service.

Get another way to earn

Uber Flash offers you more earning opportunities in addition to your usual trips, helping you make more money and maximize your time.

Be flexible in how you make your money

You can use Uber Flash whenever you want to do more trips and supplement your earnings, on your schedule.*

Help customers deliver their items

Deliver a delightful customer experience.

How to start

Drivers who are eligible to receive Uber Flash requests will get an email and in-app invitation from Uber.

In the invitation will be product terms and conditions for you to review. If you accept them, you’ll be ready to start helping users with their deliveries.

If you missed the invitation, you can visit our Work Hub in the Driver app and discover if you have this product available.

How does Uber Flash work?

You receive a request for an Uber Flash trip in the same way you receive UberX or Uber Eats requests.

Go to the pickup location indicated in the Driver app, meet the sender to pick up the item, start the trip, and begin the delivery.

When you reach the dropoff location, make sure to let the receiver know that you’ve arrived. You can send them a message or call them through the Driver app.

After you have validated that the receiver is the right person, hand them the item. On some trips, you might be required to add a confirmation PIN.

In case you’re unable to contact the receiver, we recommend you wait 10 minutes. If the person does not appear, try to contact the sender to receive instructions about next steps. If unsuccessful, cancel the delivery, keep the item safe, and contact the Uber Support team to get help for coordinating a return trip.

To report an issue with the delivery, tap Help in your Driver app, then A guide to driving and delivering, then Item delivery.

Frequently asked questions

  • You can deliver items that:

    • Don’t contain any prohibited items
    • Fit comfortably in your vehicle
    • Are closed, securely sealed, and ready to be delivered

    If an item you receive contains a prohibited item or doesn’t follow the guidelines above, you may cancel the request.

  • Yes. As with rides, you have the ability to decline a request to pick up and deliver an item or cancel a delivery, as long as you don’t violate Uber’s Community Guidelines.

  • Please try to contact the receiver through the Uber app; if they’re unresponsive, you can try to contact the sender to receive instructions.

    If you’re unable to complete the delivery after 10 minutes at the dropoff point, we suggest you cancel the delivery, keep the item safe, and inform us through our support channels so we can help you coordinate the return trip. The user will be charged for the return trip.

    To report an issue with the delivery, tap Help in your Driver app, then A guide to driving and delivering, then Item delivery.

  • You can always toggle off to remove this option from your driver preferences in the Uber Driver app.

*Depending on your location, Uber Flash might be available only during certain times of the day. See availability in the app.