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Reach an attentive global audience

Connect with your consumer

Millions of people use Uber and Uber Eats every month, and as the world’s top-downloaded apps, we continue to grow.

150+ M Monthly active platform consumers

72 Countries

10K Cities

Find your audience

Uber Advertising's worldwide scale — combined with billions of insights from consumers as they go anywhere and get anything — offers marketers a unique understanding of our audience. Our unified ID helps connect the dots so that brands engage consumers in moments that matter.


User Profile

A User profile helps us get to know our customers better, including details such as their device type, payment preferences, location, and more, enabling us to tailor our services just for them

Mobility Intelligence

Mobility intelligence puts us in tune with customers' travel needs and preferences, allowing us to enhance their experience with the right messaging.

Delivery Intelligence

With Delivery Intelligence we remember customers' favorite mealtimes and cuisines from their go-to restaurants and stores and serve up opportunities with a personalized approach.

Over 300 trips are completed every second globally on Uber

Every trip, be it a ride or a delivery, tells us about our users — and we use these insights to help brands connect with their audience in the most relevant moments.


Uber’s Advertising Policy

Global advertising content policy

Global advertising targeting policy

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Learn more about Uber insights

Discover how to power up your campaigns with Uber insights, best practices, how-to guides, trend reports, and more.

Discover Uber’s robust suite of measurement tools

Enhance your advertising impact with detailed metrics, 1st-party insights analysis, and collaborations with leading measurement partners.

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