Doorgaan naar hoofdinhoud

We ondersteunen steden

When shared with local governments, our tools and technology can also help cities become safer, more efficient, and more beautiful.

We werken samen met vervoerssystemen

Strengthening public transit

Helping to find a solution to first- and last-mile challenges extends the reach of public transit systems.


Caring for the climate

Innovative new products and features make it even easier for riders to share their journeys together. We’re collaborating with experts in the hybrid and electric vehicle field to understand how technology can help reduce carbon emissions.

Clean air in the UK

Our goal for London is a big one: 100% hybrid or battery-electric cars for UberX. An extra fee of 15 pence per mile on every trip in London will go toward helping drivers update their vehicles.

Nieuwe toepassingen voor bestaande ruimtes

Fewer parking lots, happier cities

Ridesharing and easier access to public transit can reduce the need for parking lots.

The average car remains parked 95% of the time. Pivoting from private car ownership to multimodal transportation could reduce parking lots and free up much needed space.

Fortune, maart 2016

Planning curbs of the future

A better understanding of how curbs are used can help cities around the world prepare for a future where more and more of us are accessing transportation through a combination of shared modes, rather than relying on our own vehicles.

Meet Uber Movement

Betere gegevens kunnen zorgen voor betere planning

Uber Movement biedt gegevens van meer dan twee miljard ritten aan stedenbouwkundigen over de hele wereld. Dankzij die essentiële gegevens beschikken ze over meer middelen dan ooit tevoren om de steden van de toekomst te ontwerpen.

Uber kan een voortdurende stroom reisgegevens leveren

Samen met steden reageren we op noodgevallen in het verkeer, anticiperen we op vervoersbehoeften en verbeteren we beleidsregels. Zo krijgen partners en passagiers wat meer ademruimte.