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Conduce sin preocupaciones

You deserve to be able to go wherever the opportunity is. Get there with support on the road and technology that helps protect you and those around you.

Diseñamos una experiencia más segura

Funciones para mantenerte a salvo

The app is built with technology to help you stay connected to your loved ones and our support team, so you can go even further.

Recibes ayuda cuando la necesitas

Specially trained incident response teams are available anytime right from the app.

Una comunidad inclusiva

Through our joint efforts with cities and safety experts and by working together, we’re helping to create safe journeys for everyone.

Your safety drives us

Safety is designed into the experience. So you feel comfortable driving at night. So you can tell loved ones where you’re going. And so you know you have someone to turn to if anything happens.*

Soporte ante incidentes las 24 horas

Uber customer associates trained in incident response are available around the clock.

Sigue mi viaje

Friends and family can follow your route and will know as soon as you arrive.

Calificaciones recíprocas

Your feedback matters. Low-rated trips are logged, and users may be removed to protect the Uber community.

Anonimización del número de teléfono

If you need to contact your rider through the app, your phone number may stay private.

Dar seguimiento por GPS

All Uber trips are tracked from start to finish, so there’s a record of your trip if something happens.

Cobertura en la que puedes confiar

Uber se asocia con los principales proveedores de seguros para proteger todos los viajes.

Caminos más seguros para todos, gracias a ti

Tu rol es fundamental para que la seguridad en las ciudades sea mayor y para que sea más fácil moverse en las calles.

Mantener concentración al volante

The app reminds you to take driving breaks if you approach the hourly limit set by your city.

Consejos de seguridad

Local laws and advice from law enforcement officials offer ways you can help make a big difference in your safety and that of the people around you. Read more safety tips here.

Fortalecimiento de nuestra comunidad

Uber’s Community Guidelines help riders and drivers enjoy a stress-free ride. Any person who doesn’t follow the guidelines may be at risk of being removed from the platform for the safety of the entire Uber community.

* Puede que ciertos requisitos o funciones varíen según la región o no estén disponibles.

¹ Esta función está en proceso de lanzamiento y, en este momento, solo está disponible en mercados selectos.