“Vaccines are our best hope to beat this pandemic and soon everyone in America will be able to take a free Uber to get their shot. We are honored to deepen our previous global commitments, and partner with the White House and Lyft to provide free rides to vaccination sites across the US. This is a proud moment for me, for Uber, and for our country. More and more Americans continue to get vaccinated every day — let’s keep moving forward, together.” – Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO at Uber.

Additional background regarding Uber’s Covid-relief and vaccine efforts:

To help make sure that transportation is never a barrier to getting the vaccine, in December Uber first committed to 10 million free or discounted rides, on top of the 10 million free rides or deliveries we announced for Covid-relief in March of last year. We also partnered with Walgreens, PayPal, and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, and we created the Vaccine Access Fund to allow anyone who uses Uber to donate a ride to someone in need of transportation to a vaccine appointment. We are excited to build on top of these commitments with today’s announcement. For more details on the partnership, please see the White House Fact Sheet.