These days, reach matters more than ever. The restaurants and other merchants who partner with Uber Eats to grow their businesses tell us that standing out from the crowd and reaching more customers helps to boost demand—and brings much-needed revenue during a time of continued uncertainty.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Sponsored Listings in the Uber Eats app across the United States with more countries to follow this year. Sponsored Listings are our first advertising format, and the latest addition to Uber Eats’ suite of marketing solutions for merchants that includes Promotions as well as new Loyalty Programs that more than 36,000 restaurants have created in the two months since launch. 

As we continue to face uncharted territory, our teams are committed to supporting restaurants and merchants with product solutions that are convenient, reliable, and create new earning opportunities. The hundreds of thousands of independent restaurants and merchants who work with us value their partnership with Uber Eats—especially through the crisis—and we want to live up to their expectations.

To make sure we do, with the launch of Sponsored Listings, we’re also announcing $25 million in marketing credits to qualified US restaurants. It’s our hope that this boost will help more restaurants experiment with this new offering, and find it valuable to their businesses.

Restaurants can build Sponsored Listings in their Uber Eats dashboards, quickly and easily setting an audience, budget, and duration to reach customers right away. And with credits, they can review the reporting dashboard to see the value of Sponsored Listings for themselves before deciding how to invest for the future.

Consumers will start seeing Sponsored Listings in the app this month, where they’ll be clearly labeled in the feed. Restaurants can learn more here.