As cities begin to reopen, we know people will continue to turn to Uber Eats for reliable food delivery and to support their favorite restaurants. 

When you place an order with Uber Eats, you want your food to arrive by the estimated delivery time, every time. And then there are those occasions when you want your food even faster. That’s why we’re introducing the option for customers to pay a nominal fee for Priority Delivery, which means your order should come directly to you, with no other Uber Eats orders delivered before yours, ASAP. So the next time you’re crunched for time, or need something to eat now, Priority Delivery can help.

Over the last few months, customers have been more supportive than ever of their favorite restaurants – whether that’s the local Ethiopian spot around the corner or the trusty deli up the street. That’s why we’re bringing restaurant loyalty programs to your app experience. Restaurants who choose to participate will be able to create their own loyalty program from the ground up, while Uber Eats customers can easily monitor their progress towards their next reward. 

With Uber Eats, you can become a virtual regular at your favorite eateries, and for those days when you need your food quicker than usual, you can put your order on the fast track 一 all with the tap of a button.