Everyone has the right to move freely, safely, and proudly. This year, ahead of World Pride Day, we’re sharing a number of recent changes we’ve made to help further this aim. 

For Drivers and Couriers

While we previously made it easier for transgender drivers and couriers to change their name in-app via our customer support team, in the US they will now be able to change their display name directly in app, much as you would update your phone number or email address in your profile settings. 

In addition, to provide a more seamless support experience for transgender and non-binary drivers and couriers on our platform in the US, we have transformed our dedicated support team to help better resolve any unique issues that members of these communities may face. These support agents are given specialized training to help ensure positive, respectful, and efficient interactions when resolving issues for transgender drivers and couriers, across a range of issues including – but not limited to – profile photo approval, duplicate account confusion, and background check issues.

For Everyone who uses the Uber app

We’re introducing the ability for Uber and Uber Eats app users to set pronouns in the app in the US. Soon we’ll display these pronouns to other users as well, helping facilitate more respectful and positive interactions and greater community understanding around the importance and use of pronouns. 

Sharing your pronouns in the Uber app will be easy. All you’ll have to do is go to your Account Info through Uber Account Details and select “Add your pronouns.” You’ll be able to choose up to 3 pronouns to display on your profile from the available options.

For the communities we help move

We’ve continued our ongoing commitments to providing free rides and meals to nearly 20 LGBTQIA+-related NGOs globally, including Albert Kennedy Trust, San Francisco AIDS Foundation, and TransAmsterdam. This builds on our work with Right To Be and the National Center for Transgender Equality to sponsor the creation of a new transgender-specific bystander allyship workshop. 

We remain committed to always improving and making movement better for everyone.