At Uber Eats, our local small and medium-sized business (SMB) partners play a key role in how we stay connected to the communities and the millions of customers we serve globally. Many SMBs use Uber Eats to generate additional revenue, increase awareness to potential new customers, and expand their geographic coverage. 

In 2023 alone, Uber Eats drove billions of dollars in orders to local restaurants, grocery, retail, alcohol, and convenience stores across the US and Canada, and we helped our merchants facilitate deliveries to more than 50 million customers. As a result, US and Canadian merchants earned more than $15 billion in sales through Uber Eats last year. 

This past year, Uber also contributed $1 million to help merchants across the US and Europe purchase and increase their use of more sustainable packaging materials through our Grants for Growth Program. This new partnership is aimed at making it easier for small and medium-sized restaurants to transition to reusable packaging, which industry research shows is important to consumers and restaurants. We also continue to provide merchants with new tools to gain deeper insights into their business.

In a year that was tough for many merchants navigating the current economic landscape, US and Canada SMBs noted that they were primarily concerned about the impact of inflation on food and employment costs.

We take pride in building Uber Eats as a delivery platform that drives real value to our merchant partners. Just this past year, 84% (US) and 85% (CAN) of the merchants who work with us feel that Uber Eats gives them access to an additional revenue stream.

Digging deeper, SMB merchants reported that:

Uber Eats is an important driver of increased revenue and profitability for them, especially in a dynamic economic climate. Our data shows that among merchants:

  • 81% (US) and 83% (CAN) report that using Uber Eats has increased their revenue since joining the platform
    • Of those who say their revenue has increased, the median increase is 10% in both the US and Canada
  • 89% (US) and 91% (CAN) expect their revenue from Uber Eats to stay the same or increase in the next year
  • 81% (US) and 83% (CAN) report that their businesses are more profitable with Uber Eats than they would be without it
  • 71% (US) and 70% (CAN) feel that Uber Eats has a positive impact on their business’ ability to manage current economic challenges

Merchants also appreciate how Uber Eats increases their reach and visibility, helping them acquire new customers.

  • 85% (US) and 83% (CAN) agree that Uber Eats provides opportunities for delivery that they would not be able to handle in-house
  • 78% (US) and 82% (CAN) agree Uber Eats increases their business’s brand visibility and recognition
  • 81% (US) and 86% (CAN) agree Uber Eats provides an increased geographic coverage to reach new customers
  • 81% (US) and 86% (CAN) say Uber Eats helped increase their business’s ability to reach new customers they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to reach

And overall, SMBs are pleased with Uber Eats’ impact on their businesses, even compared to other delivery apps, and intend to continue partnering with Uber Eats for this reason.

  • 85% (US) and 83% (CAN) report that offering delivery or pickup services with Uber Eats has benefited their business
  • 79% (US) and 81% (CAN) are likely to recommend using Uber Eats to other businesses
  • 93% (US) and 93% (CAN) plan to keep partnering with Uber Eats in a year from now
  • 87% (US) and 91% (CAN) describe their Uber Eats experience as positive compared to other online delivery platforms

The full report is available for download here.