We’ve made a lot of changes over the past year. One that stands out is in-app tipping, the first in a long list of changes we made as part of 180 Days of Change. This week marks the first anniversary of the effort, and one year in we’re excited to share that drivers and delivery partners have earned more than $600 million in tips from riders.  

Tens of millions of people have experienced the joy of giving and receiving tips on Uber. Whether it’s a great conversation or a smooth commute, riders are eager to show their appreciation for the things drivers do to make their day. We want to make it as easy as possible to say thanks with a tip.

We’ve made improvements over the months designed to make tipping simpler. From preset tip amounts that better reflect the price and length of a trip, to on-trip ratings that allow riders to rate, compliment and tip during the ride, the changes we’ve made have helped lead to nearly 30% more tips over the past 3 months.

One year in, drivers have earned hundreds of million in tips. But we know tips are about more than just money changing hands. They’re a sign of meaningful connections and high-quality experiences riders can’t help but feel grateful about. So to our amazing community of drivers who made this milestone possible: thank you for everything you do.

Here’s to $600 million worth of connections, with (hopefully) a lot more to come.