Today, we’re celebrating our 2-year anniversary in Michigan. We’ve come a long way since first launching Detroit in March 2013. We are grateful for our home in the Mitten and the warm welcome we’ve received from Michiganders.

As we approached this milestone, we wanted to see just how Uber has impacted Michigan, so we took a look at some data and crunched the numbers. We found that safe and reliable transportation options available to anyone, anytime, at the touch of a button, has helped make Michigan a safer and more economically vibrant state.

Uber helps make Michigan safer

Michiganders are using Uber more and more as an ideal alternative to drinking and driving. We believe that when people have a safe, reliable, and economical ride available within minutes, they’re more likely to make a good decision when they’ve been drinking. In fact, when looking at our weekend requests by time of day, we see that requests peak at the same time DUI fatalities are at their highest. This is a time that is traditionally underserved by taxis and limos.


Uber has provided economic opportunity throughout Michigan

In just 2 years, Uber has created thousands of job opportunities in Michigan and Uber’s driver-partners have earned more than $15 million. Driver partners tell us this money is helping individuals and families put extra cash in their pockets and achieve stronger financial security

We’ve not only provided economic opportunities across the state – we’ve created more than 375 jobs for driver partners who live in  Detroit – an area with an unemployment rate 2x the Michigan average.


Uber is changing the way Michigan moves

In the last two years, we’ve expanded rapidly to six metro regions in Michigan.  Now more than 50% of the state’s population can access safe, reliable rides from their home.

To date, hundreds of thousands of Michiganders and visitors have used Uber to connect with safe, reliable rides, creating local earning opportunities all across the state. Watch the video below to learn how a few of our partners are moving people in Michigan.

Uber is proud to have a home in Michigan. It’s exciting to see the positive impact we’ve had over the past two years. We’re dedicated to continuing to improve the communities we serve, and look forward to continuing this positive impact for many years to come.

Uber On!

– Team Uber Michigan