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„Uber“ geba

„Uber“ globėjų ir darbuotojų, gyvenančių su neįgaliaisiais, bendruomenė

Our mission

Our mission is to strengthen and sustain Uber’s diversity and inclusion efforts for employees living with and supporting those with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities.

What we stand for

Opportunity and resource awareness

Ensure equal opportunity for people with disabilities to consider joining Uber. Develop new resources and increase awareness of existing benefits for current and new employees who might have a disability.

Community engagement

Listen to, learn from, and engage with external experts to strengthen Uber’s product and inclusion efforts for individuals with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities.

Accessibility advocacy

To support Uber’s goal of making transportation more accessible to people with disabilities, we’re committed to helping our rider and driver product, user research, and comms/policy teams build solutions that can help everyone move around their community.

Global impact

Build and scale our strategic initiatives and advocacy work across our regional chapters all over the world.

Featured members

  • Nitesh Poojary

    Accounts Receivables Manager

    I joined Uber in January 2018 as the APAC AR Manager for Uber for Business. I am based out of Hyderabad, India, although originally from Mumbai. Making accessibility a daily norm became a passion during my college years when I wrote exams for students with sight impairment. Despite being talented, it was a daily challenge for them to perform routine tasks, I observed, due to the indifference of our infrastructure and society in general. I am proud to be associated with Able at Uber to help bridge these gaps and create a more inclusive society!

  • Cameron Todd

    Content Coordinator

    After working in customer support at Apple on products like VoiceOver and FaceTime, I began to understand the big impact small changes can have on the daily lives of people living with disabilities. When I joined Uber in 2016, I experienced first-hand Uber’s commitment to ensuring that members of the disabled community aren’t left behind in spite of technology’s incredibly fast pace. As someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression, I’m super motivated to help educate fellow employees and their community about mental health.

  • Thibaud Simphal

    Executive sponsor, Senior Director, GM, Western and Southern Europe

    "Uber sits at a unique cross section of the digital and physical worlds. Our products have the ability to make the world more accessible and bridge gaps in transit (and food availability) that exist today, in communities around the world. However, we need to lean in more to our commitment to build for those with physical and mental disabilities, and I'm eager to push the company to do just that."




We continue to raise global awareness of existing counseling services and other established benefits for employees in partnership with HR, such as the employee assistance program, bereavement counseling, and local health coverage policies.


We sponsor wellness rooms for employees in San Francisco HQ and other regional offices for meditation, yoga, and well-being.


We engage with local experts and groups within the disability community—from skills-based volunteering to enlisting accessibility advisers—in order to help raise positive awareness internally and innovate on accessible solutions.