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Edit pickup points

Changing your location is easy. Get to where you want to go by tapping Edit to enter a new address or dragging your pin to another location on the map.

Enter location
Navigate right up
Enter destination

Why it's helpful

Dropped your pin in the wrong spot? Put in the old address? Mistakes happen, which is why there’s no need to cancel your ride in order to change your pickup location. Simply edit your address and be on your way.

How it works

Open your app

Tap to open the app, then tap Edit next to your pickup location.

Change your pickup

Type a new address or drag your pin to any location on the map within the gray circle.

Confirm your location

Tap Confirm to complete your request and your driver will pick you up at the new location.

Sign up

Download the app and set up your account so you’re ready the next time you need a ride.


Invite friends to use Uber, and they’ll get a discount on their first ride.

Options vary based on your city and region.

You'll only be able to adjust your pickup location one time, and it can only be moved within the circle that's shown on your screen.

Please note: changing your pickup location is not available on UberPool.