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Always the ride you want

Get the Uber Taxi app now and experience safe and comfortable rides with Uber Taxi.

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Why use the Uber Taxi app?

Find a variety of ride options and features

Choose the type of vehicle you want based on your preferences and needs, including Uber Taxi, which doesn’t show the destination; Standard Taxi, which can be quickly dispatched for the nearest ride; Speed Call options for a faster dispatch; Green, with comfortable and eco-friendly EVs.

First-class navigation

With Uber Taxi, you can see ETA and price estimates up front before booking, based on TMAP traffic information. So you can always get to your destination with an optimal route.

One app for virtually everywhere

Uber Taxi lets you experience a comfortable trip in many places with just one app. We’re offering the Uber network around the world, in more than 10,000 cities globally.

How safety is built into your experience

An inclusive community

Millions of riders and drivers share a set of Community Guidelines, holding one another accountable for doing the right thing.

Support at every turn

Uber Taxi has a specially trained team for always-on support. Reach them in the app, day or night, with any questions or safety concerns.

Ways to ride in the area

Find a variety of ride options and features.

  • Uber Taxi

    Uber Taxi for differentiated mobility experience

  • Standard Taxi

    Request a standard midsize taxi nearby.

  • Speed Call

    Faster dispatch with any nearby taxi.(Service fee of 3,000 KRW is included )

  • Green

    Pleasant and environment-friendly EV with high-quality drivers.(Service fee of 1,000 KRW is included)

  • Deluxe Taxi

    Request Mobum Taxi


How to use the Uber Taxi app

Our core service is developing technology that connects drivers and riders on demand. Here’s how the app works, step by step:

  • Download the Uber Taxi app and create your account.

  • Open the app and enter where you’re going in the “Where to?” box. Tap to confirm your pickup location, then choose Confirm to be matched to a driver nearby.

  • You can track their arrival on the map. When they’re a few minutes away, wait for them at your pickup location

  • For your personal safety, be certain that you’re getting into the right car. Before hopping in, check the driver, car model, and license plate number against the information in the app and have your driver confirm your name.

  • When you arrive, payment is easy through the app. Choose to pay with the payment method saved to your account.

  • Let us know how your trip went. You can also give your driver a compliment.

Frequently asked questions

  • Here are a few possible reasons:

    • If a family member or acquaintance has registered the same card, check to see if they used it.

    • Check if you happened to be using another vehicle service at the same rate.

    • Check to see if the journey fee changed. If so, find out if you received an updated receipt.

    If none of these reasons apply, please submit a request notifying us and attach a screenshot of the details from your payment method (such as a credit card) or receipt from which the payment was made in person. Follow these steps in the Uber Taxi app to submit the request:

  • What looks like an extra or duplicate charge on a trip is likely the amount of an authorization hold. At the start of a trip, Uber Taxi may place a temporary authorization hold for the upfront price of the trip on your payment method.

    The amount will be withheld for a certain period of time, and most holds will be canceled/refunded within the same day, but it may take up to a week depending on the bank and card company. For the status of the refund, we recommend that you contact your bank and card company directly for accurate information.

    These are signs that your charge is likely a hold:

    • The charge appears as pending
    • The charge amount is identical to the upfront price you saw when requesting
    • You see an additional transaction for KRW1,000 that’s separate from your trip price
  • The best way to contact a driver about a lost item is to call them through the Uber Taxi app.

    Follow these steps:

    1. Choose Account and then Activity.
    2. Select the trip on which you lost the item
    3. Choose Find lost item, then Contact driver about a lost item.
    4. Enter your phone number to call the driver.
  • Please contact us using the link below if you had a problem with pickup, such as:

    • The driver has not arrived at the pickup location
    • The vehicle I requested for service is being used by someone else
    • It was difficult to contact the driver about the pickup.
  • If your promo code has not been applied to your trip, it may be due to the following reasons:

    • If you entered the promo code before requesting a trip
    • If the promo code has already expired
    • If the promo code is applicable only to certain cities or countries, and you are not in one of those places
    • If the promo code applies only to certain services (such as only to Uber Taxi Korea–affiliated taxis)
    • If you try to use the in-person payment option Note that it’s impossible to delete/return a promo code after it’s registered in the Uber Taxi app.

    If you’re having any other problems applying or using your promo code, provide details at the link below, along with a screenshot of the error message. Please check your receipt before you reach out to us.*