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Why drive with us

Get support at every turn

If there’s anything that you need, you can reach us anytime.

Earn on your schedule

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Here's what you need to sign up

  • Requirements

    • Meet the minimum age to drive in your city
    • Be legally allowed to drive in your country
  • Required Documents

    • Valid driver's license
    • Vehicle registration certificate (2008 or updated models)
    • Vehicle insurance
  • Signup process

    • Submit documents and photo
    • Check out if your car is eligible

Driving requirements

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Safety on the road

Have peace of mind wherever you go.

Safety features

Tell your loved ones where you are. Get help with the tap of a button. Technology makes travel safer than ever before.

Help if you need it

From contacting emergency assistance to getting 24/7 support, the app is designed around your safety.

An inclusive community

We are millions of drivers and riders who share Community Guidelines and depend on one another to do the right thing.

The new app: built for drivers, with drivers

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