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Parking isn’t just a drain on drivers; it’s a drain on a city’s limited space. Tackling this challenge may require rethinking car ownership, strengthening mass-transit systems, and designing more efficient curbs.

Picture this: more people in fewer cars, and a more pleasant, more affordable alternative to a huge problem every city faces. The world’s dependence on personal cars has resulted in cities that focus on wider lanes and vast urban areas dedicated exclusively to parking. Ridesharing could help open up more space for city residents to live, play, and relax.

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Helping cities reclaim public spaces

Helping to plan the future of mobility

From encouraging alternative modes of transportation to sharing data with city planners, we’re looking forward to sharing our learnings to solve real-world problems.

Cincinnati Mobility Lab

SharedStreets pilot

From parking space to park

Cars take up a lot of space

Did you know that the average car spends 95% of its life parked? And in many cities, a third of all land is dedicated to parking. To help free up some of that space, we’re partnering with organizations around the world to provide more affordable options and incentives for people to use their cars less.

Reinventing Parking, February 22, 2013

Commuting without personal cars

San Francisco’s Parkmerced community is encouraged to leave their cars behind and provided a $100 monthly stipend toward multimodal transportation, including Uber's technology and public transit. To make car-free living even easier, residents can ride with UberPool to and from nearby public transit stations at a capped price of $5.