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The Clean Air Plan

Helping to reduce air pollution in London

More than 3.6m Londoners regularly use the Uber app, and half of the miles travelled on uberX in the capital are in hybrid or electric vehicles. But we want to do even more to help combat air pollution in the capital.

The Clean Air Plan has been designed to support the Mayor’s vision of a cleaner, healthier London. One of the key elements will be helping drivers upgrade to cleaner vehicles. And we’ve set ourselves the aim of making every car on the app in London fully electric by 2025.

A Clean Air Fee

From Wednesday 16 January, a Clean Air Fee of 15p per mile will be included on every trip taken through the app in London. This will only apply to miles travelled on a trip, and will not include miles travelled to your pick up location. For drivers looking to upgrade, every penny will go towards supporting their move into an electric vehicle.

You’ll always be able to see how much you’ve contributed to the Clean Air Plan from each trip in your receipt, and none of this fee will come from your driver’s fare. The money will go towards helping drivers upgrade to an electric vehicle and other clean air initiatives. Once drivers have an electric vehicle, the Clean Air Fee will then be used to support their ongoing vehicle costs.

Frequently asked questions

  • A Clean Air Fee of 15p per mile will be applied to all trips booked through the app and picked up in London (within the M25). This includes pick ups at Heathrow airport. Riders will pay this fee as part of their trip fare. The Clean Air Fee will be applied across all products in London (ie. UberX, XL, EXEC, LUX, Assist, Access, POOL). It will not apply to cancellation fees. It will not surge and it will only apply to miles travelled on a trip.

    You can find more general information about our London Uber pricing here.

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  • The Clean Air Fee is shared between riders on POOL trips. The more miles you share, the less you pay. The POOL fare estimated at the start of the trip may differ from what you’re charged at the end because we take into account the actual miles you’ve travelled, both alone and with other riders. You will never pay more than 15p per mile.

  • All riders will be charged this Clean Air Fee on their trip. If you think that you have been overcharged, you can reach out via the in-app Help assistance.

  • The Clean Air Plan is designed to help tackle some of the key challenges drivers face in upgrading to cleaner vehicles. The plan will only be available to drivers in London initially, but we’re excited to start helping to build a cleaner future. We are keen to expand to other UK cities, so look out for more information from us.