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🚩 While we're not currently operating in Winnipeg, we're eager to contribute to the city's mobility—and we need your help to get ready! 🚩

Exigences relatives aux véhicules


Does your vehicle qualify to drive with Uber? Most four-door cars do, read on to learn more about vehicle requirements.

Exigences minimales

To drive with Uber in Winnipeg, your vehicle must meet these minimum requirements:

  • 4-door vehicle with independently opening doors
  • Vehicle model year must be 10 years or newer
  • Good condition with no cosmetic damage
  • No commercial and/or Uber branding
  • No salvaged or rebuilt vehicles
  • Pass a vehicle inspection by a licensed mechanic


Uber accepts both official and temporary registration documents. The vehicle needs to be registered in your name to qualify.

Driving in Winnipeg


Most newer cars qualify to drive with uberX. It's one of the most popular options for riders.

Additional requirements:

  • 4-door vehicle in good condition
  • Seat at least 4 passengers in addition to the driver
  • No taxi cabs, government cars, or commercially marked vehicles

View our list of popular models for uberX but others may qualify as well.

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