Marketing & Operations Coordinator

2. aprill 2019 / Eesti

About the Role

If you’re an entrepreneur at heart, a hustler and a doer, with superb execution skills & communication abilities and an exquisite attention to detail, then the Baltics Marketing & Operations Coordinator role is the right fit for you. Marketing & Operations Coordinator work in collaboration with the Country Operations Manager to execute projects and deliver the growth targets for Baltics. Apply for the role by sending your CV to polina@uber.com

This person will work to attract, convert, engage and retain drivers and riders facing a multitude of complex needs and bottlenecks. This requires a commitment to operational excellence, deep understanding of drivers’ and riders’ life cycle, the capability for  out-of-the-box thinking, and a customer centric mindset. This role also calls for highly adaptable profiles that are keen to tackle different issues and will demonstrate the ability to push new initiatives and positively challenge the existing.

What You’ll Do

  • Driver operations: work closely with the Country Ops Manager to find ways to make local operations run more smoothly. Monitor progress and continuously eliminate inefficiencies.
  • Customer obsession: work with support teams and implement strategic solutions to improve driver & rider experience in your market.
  • Written communication: support the team with regular comms by giving regional initiatives a local feel. Write engaging and grammatically correct copy for campaigns in line with internal Rider and Driver partner comms guidelines (blog posts, emails, social media messages).
  • Marketing Operations: work with Central Marketing team to plan and execute marketing campaigns, partnerships.
  • Verbal communication: in this role you would assist with local fleet relationships, help create a Key Account Management framework to provide support to strategic fleet partners, test and implement fleet tools that help partners with driver on-boarding and fleet management.
  • Driver & Rider growth: collaborate with Regional Operations Team to develop and execute Driver & Rider growth initiatives.
  • Product Testing: test all new product features in the local context. Provide feedback to EMEA Central and CEE Central team members.
  • Analytics: utilize data to understand user behaviour and areas for improvement in our marketplace dynamics, sign-up, promotion programs and more

What you’ll need

  • Strong communication skills and previous exposure to content creation
  • Data-driven and structured approach to problem-solving
  • Ability to work independently, identify challenges and propose solutions
  • Multi-tasking. You are great at multi-tasking and executing simultaneous projects and activities without compromising on quality. You can prioritize high impact activities to keep projects moving forward
  • Ability to take initiative in a constantly-changing work environment (be an owner)
  • Very strong organizational skills
  • Business curiosity. You love to learn and constantly seek ways to improve your understanding of the business and the tools you use
  • Great team player and proven collaboration skills
  • Fluency in Estonian & English (Russian would be a plus)

Apply for the role by sending your CV to polina@uber.com

About Uber

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