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Uber One, to come, go and order every day

Save and enjoy exclusive offers on Uber and Uber Eats with Uber One.

Sign up for just 4.99€/month.

Save on Uber Eats

Unlimited €0 Delivery Fee and 0€ Service Fee for eligible Uber Eats deliveries and groceries.

Save on Uber

Save 10% off Uber Comfort, Black, Van and 5% off UberX, UberX Saver, Uber Green.

Premium Support

Access to priority support when you need help with your orders and trips.

Exclusive member offers

Special offers and promotions for Uber One members.

Members save on average 11€ per month with Uber One.*

Become a member for just 4.99€/month.

Use your benefits wherever Uber and Uber Eats are available within Spain.

*Benefits available only for eligible stores marked with the Uber One icon. Receive 0€ Delivery Fee and 0€ Service Fee on your eligible orders. Restaurant orders above 10€ and grocery orders above 20€ are eligible for Uber One. Pickup orders are excluded from Uber One benefits. Uber One rides savings are: 10% on Uber Comfort, Black, XL, Van; 5% on UberX, UberX Saver, Uber Green. Savings not available for rides booked 30 minutes or more in advance, for shared rides, or for taxis. Potential savings are calculated as average Uber One savings from members in Spain ordering or taking trips with Uber One benefits.

View additional membership terms and conditions here.