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The basics

How to drive with Uber in Spain

Get started

1. Sign up online

Got an email address and a smartphone? Great, now tell us a bit about yourself and we'll get you started.

2. Upload your documents

Time for some paperwork. There are documents we need to see from you as a driver:

For VTC drivers:

  • Driver License
  • NIE/TIE (Compulsory for non-Spanish Driver's License Holders)
  • A driver profile photo
    • Must be a forward-facing, centered photo including the driver’s full face and top of shoulders, with no sunglasses
    • Must be a photo only of the driver with no other subject in the frame, well-lit, and in focus. It cannot be a driver’s license photo or other printed photograph

For VTC fleet partners:

  • Bank statement
  • Payment receipt (self-employed) / Deed of incorporation (company)
  • VTC Services Communication Registry
    • The Ministry of Development requires all VTC license holders to share data through VTC Services - Communication Registry for all services contracted under the VTC license. Uber is offering to every Partner a solution to communicate the aforementioned data to the RVTC. For more information visit

For Taxi drivers:

  • Driver License
  • Profile Photo
  • Spain Taxi Authorisation
  • Spain Taxi Identification Card
  • Annual License Inspection

For Taxi partners:

  • ID
  • Spain Taxi License - Urban
  • Bank Statement
  • Proof of bank ownership

3. Add vehicle

If you have a vehicle that meets are the requirements in Spain, you will need to fill out the vehicle details and upload the following documents:

For VTC:

  • Transportation card (VTC)
  • Technical details of the vehicle (ITV card)
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Vehicle registration certificate (Rides)

For taxi vehicles:

  • Technical details of the vehicle (ITV card)
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Spain Taxi License - Urban
  • Annual License Inspection

4. Join a fleet partner

If you do not have a VTC or Taxi license with your vehicle, you could join a fleet partner or license owner and drive their vehicles.

5. Activate your account and accept Terms & Conditions

If you've completed all the above steps, are a partner or have found a fleet partner, congratulations! Once all of your required documents are approved in your account and you accept Terms & Conditions (available in Uber app), you'll be ready to drive!

Register for VAT

It usually takes 4 weeks to complete the VAT registration process. This page walks you through the basics.

To get specific advice about your personal circumstances, you should consult a tax advisor.

What else do you need?

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