Marhaba Dubai! Uber Has Officially Launched

September 25, 2013 / Dubai

Since Uber began testing in Dubai a few weeks ago, the outpouring of #UberLove across the city has been amazing. That’s why we can’t be more pleased to make it official: Uber has officially launched in Dubai!

Dubai is known across the world as the place with the best, brightest and biggest. With the world’s longest driverless metro, the tallest building, and floating islands in the sea, Dubai clearly values technology, luxury and class. Uber’s arrival now makes living, working and playing in Dubai much sweeter.

With Uber at your fingertips, no more waiting in the long queues at Sandance events or getting to your meetings all dazed and sweaty. Uber offers all you socialites, business power brokers and partygoers the most convenient way to arrive in style!

Be it prominent events, art exhibitions @Ayyam or secret dinners @TheDinnerClub57, we’re so grateful for the #UberLove! Dubai is spreading its roots into more diverse cultural activities and Uber is here to drive the way.

If you’re not using Uber already, you’re missing out! Use the promo code ‘DubaiLaunch’ to get AED80 off your first ride and experience the ease of arriving in style! Follow us on Twitter and let us know what you think.


Team #UberDubai