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Fuel Rewards

South Africa

We have partnered with the BP to help save you money on your fuel spend.

Rewards for drivers from BP

Driver-partners can get:

  • PnP smart shopper card with 5,000 smart shopper points worth R50.00 upon registration
  • Earn 60.00cents worth of smart shopper reward points for every litre of fuel purchased at BP branded Forecourts
  • Selected meal discounts up to 40% at wild bean cafes at BP pr PnP express stores
  • You can also earn points when you purchase groceries at PnP stores nationwide

How do you get a smart shopper card?

It’s simple! Visit your nearest Greenlight Hub with your ID document, you will find BP promoters at the BP branded booth who will assist you with signing up for the reward program.

What if you already have a smart shopper card?

If you already have a smart shopper card, take that with you to the Greenlight Hub where BP promoters can activate your new rewards program and you can start benefiting from these rewards. Your rewards will be active within 48Hours.

What can you use your points on?

Every time you earn points you can go to any PnP store and convert these points into a voucher that can be used to purchase groceries at PnP express stores or supermarkets.

What can you do to earn points?

You need to Swipe your smart shopper card anytime you:

  • Buy Fuel at any BP forecourt.
  • Shop for groceries at PnP supermarkets.

How to redeem your points?

To redeem your points, Visit your nearest PnP store:

  1. There will be a self-help kiosk where you need to input your ID number.
  2. The system will find your account and convert your points into rands.
  3. You will receive a slip that you can give the cashier to either pay/put towards your bill.

How to redeem your discounts?

You need to show that you are an active Driver-partner at Wild bean cafe or PnP express stores

  1. Click on the image in the top right corner of your driver app to access the menu
  2. Click on your image in the menu to access your profile details and full image
  3. You can view your profile details
  4. Show this to the cashier and you will receive your discount

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