PLEDGE To Think Before You Drink, Take An Uber Instead!

December 2, 2015 / South Africa

South Africa, we’re taking our commitment to making cities safer. We’re proud to partner with SAB to raise awareness about the fatal consequences of drunk-driving, and empower people with transportation options so they can make the responsible choice when drinking.


Minister of Transport Dipuo Peters announced at the beginning of 2015 that there were 1118 fatal road accidents recorded between December 1, 2014 and January 5,2015. According to the World Health Organisation’s Global Status Report On Road Safety 2015, up to 58% of fatal road accidents in South Africa are alcohol related. These accidents not only wreck lives, but also shatter families and put innocent bystanders at risk. Drunk-driving is dangerous for everybody in the community, not just for those behind the wheel.


The Uber breathalyser kiosk is a machine that will measure the alcohol content in the user’s breath and let them know what their breath alcohol level reading is. Uber and SAB will then provide a complimentary ride up to R100 for new and existing Uber users.


Through Uber’s innovative technology and our partnership with SAB’s Reality Check we want to help reduce the number of deaths caused by drunk driving by empowering people with a safe transportation choice. The Uber Breathalyser Kiosks will be present at multiple SAB events and venues across Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban and will facilitate complimentary rides for those who blow into the kiosk and get a breath alcohol level reading, up to the value of R100. Once they see how easy it is to get home safely with Uber, there’s no need to drink and drive.


  • According to the WHO, 58% of road deaths in South Africa are related to drink driving.
  • Drink–driving increases the chance of a road traffic crash, and the likelihood that death or serious injury will result.
  • Driving with alcohol in your system impairs your vision, your brain’s ability to judge distance, increases sensitivity to light and slows down your reaction time.
  • In South Africa the BAC limit is 0.05 which equates to 1.5 units of alcohol or 1.5 standard drinks.

1 low ABV (3.2%) beer = 1 low ABV (42%) tot of spirits = 1 low ABV (6%) medium glass of wine = 1 unit of alcohol

SAB and Uber believe that if you drink you should not drive. Use alternative transport like Uber or a designated driver system and stay safe while you are enjoying your night out.