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July 12 / South Africa

Trip requests in your city now show you the fare and pickup and dropoff locations up front, putting more information in your hands.

But what if you could also have even more options to choose from?

Trip Radar is a new feature that gives you and other drivers a chance to see and select UberX and Uber Go requests happening nearby. Trip Radar shows you extra options—you’ll continue to get individual requests, too.

How Trip Radar works

Find requests

When you’re not on a trip, you may see an alert for Trip Radar. Tap on it to check out a selection of UberX and Uber Go requests happening nearby.

Pick requests

You can then tap on any requests you’re interested in and select as many favourites as you want.

Get a match

Since other drivers will have access to the list too, you won’t get all of your picks. Matching is aimed at minimising average wait times for drivers and riders. But, the more you tap, the more likely you are to match with an option you really want.

How to use Trip Radar

Go where you want

If you have somewhere to be, Trip Radar can help you get trip requests that go in a specific direction.

Get going quickly

If you ever feel like you don’t want to wait for your next trip request, open Trip Radar and make your pick.

Succeed in Quests

If you have limited time to complete a Quest, use Trip Radar to try to land a streak of short trips.

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