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Top Destinations Kampala – According to the Data

June 1, 2017 / Uganda

On June 2nd 2016, we introduced our ride sharing app in Kampala to help reduce congestion and  to help move the city smarter and in style! Since then, demand has increased with more people are relying on Uber more frequently. This has been an exciting growth for us! With so many trips happening every day, it got us thinking—where is everyone going? Which destinations are frequently visited in Kampala by our #UberAmazing riders?
Look no further: we’ve run the numbers and compiled riders’ top destinations. Whether you’re residence in Kampala or just visiting, we’re betting you’ll find a new place to explore! Here’s the full destinations breakdown:
About 34% of all trips end at a shopping centre—indicating that shopping is a top use case for many Kampala riders. 23% of all trips end at a hotel—these trips are likely split between hotel guests and residents heading to meetings or events at the hotel. Hotels in Kampala also have awesome restaurants and bars which residents could also be heading to.  23% also end at business districts and the remaining 20% is for the Kampala party-goers!
So which specific destinations rank #1 in their category? Here are the top destinations:

Acacia Mall

Village Mall

Lugogo Mall

Sheraton Kampala Hotel

Bubbles O’leary

Club Play


Acacia Place


Team Uber Kampala