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Summer travel toolkit

August 1, 2020 / Ukraine

Are you ready to finally go on a well-earned vacation? Want to sunbathe at the seaside or will you rather choose city adventures in Odessa or Lviv?

No matter where you plan on spending your summer vacation, we hope you’ll stay safe as well. To make sure you know how to stay safe throughout your vacation, check what we recommend as your go-to travel toolkit.

Mask or face covering

Can be floral, checkered, plain black or dotted with stylish Monstera leaves – whichever design option you fancy, don’t forget to bring a mask when you are riding with the Uber app. Because no mask, no ride.

Trusted contacts

It’s good to stay in touch with those you care about, especially while en route.With the Uber app you can easily share trip details with your loved ones and let them know when they should expect you to arrive.

PIN verification

A PIN code lets you verify your ride and make sure that you’re getting into the right car with the right driver. This may help you avoid some unfortunate mishaps, especially in the evening when it’s dark.

Safety toolkit and emergency button

Our Safety Toolkit and the Emergency Assistance Button are always at hand in the Uber app. If you need to get in touch with the emergency service while on trip, you can do so with a single touch of a button.

Safe travels! 🏝️