Meet the Team Uber Ukraine

July 6, 2016 / Ukraine


There are always people behind the technologies and we want you to know who’s making the present and the future of Uber in Ukraine.

Team Uber Ukraine – is Oleksandra, Artem and Arkadiy, who started working all together this May.

In line with Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Croatia, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, Ukrainian office is a part of the Eastern European region, which is managed from the hub office in Warsaw. Our Eastern Europe managers – Anthony and Simon are currently working with us in Kyiv, actively helping to launch and develop the service here. Also, our team is supports a large number of Uber experts from the main European office in Amsterdam and head- office Uber San Francisco.

And a few more facts about our team in Kyiv:

  1. We all were born, grew up, studied and worked in Ukraine, as well as lived abroad for some time
  2. Our favorite area Kyiv – Podil
  3. We all like OE, but not all attended a concert of their last tour
  4. For 5 days after Uber launch in Kyiv we slept in total 60 hours


Team Uber Ukraine