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New trip allowances to help manage your account

June 18, 2018 / Global

Introducing new features to manage the number of trips your employees can take in a given day or month, and per-day and per-trip allowances.

Every day, businesses of all types use Uber in creative ways – and we’re introducing new features that help you empower your employees to use Uber while retaining the level of management and control needed.

New allowances

The Uber for Business dashboard is a powerful way to manage trips taken by employees that are charged directly back to the company.

Over the last year, we’ve introduced features that give businesses the ability to designate when and where employees can ride, and how much they can spend per month.

Now, businesses can add trip allowances to their employee travel rules. This gives businesses the opportunity to designate how many trips an employee can take per day or per month, and restricts employees from billing additional rides back to the company.

Businesses can also now assign specific budgets per-trip and per-day for their employees. These new options complement the per-month allowances already available.

Example uses

We’re already seeing a diverse set of applications of these new features.

  • Commuting to work
  • Late-night rides home
  • Alternative to fleet vehicles
  • Rental car alternatives

How do I get started?

These new rules can be found in the Uber Travel section of your Uber for Business dashboard, or you can create a new account.

These new rules can be found in the Uber Travel section of your Uber for Business dashboard.

To change an existing program, click on an existing program and edit the rules in place.

To create a new program with these rules, select Create Travel Program