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We Look Forward To Serving You Again

February 10, 2017 / Kaohsiung


Four years ago, we showed up in Taiwan intent on demonstrating the benefits ridesharing brings to riders, drivers and cities. We succeeded in doing that, and then some. Since Day 1, more than 1 million people have downloaded the app, 16,000 citizens have chosen to partner with Uber to access flexible economic opportunities. There have been 15 million trips taken on the platform.

But starting February 10, we are suspending the app in Taiwan. As much as want to continue, the current regulatory environment makes it impossible to serve the island the way we know works best. By hitting pause, we hope to reset our conversation with the government and find a way to allow ridesharing to flourish. We will do everything we can to restart the service.


We are sad, but not bitter. Our thoughts are now with our driver partners and those who have come to rely on the service. From our very first days, our Taiwan ride has always been more than just about numbers. It’s about the people who came along with it. From the single mum who has relied on a few hours of trips on Uber to raise a family to a musician who has got his life back on track after a family crisis, it’s been an honour to help them realize some of their ambitions.

We will now redouble our efforts to find a pathway to ensure Uber can continue to serve Taiwan. The government wants Taiwan to become “Asia’s Silicon Valley”. So do we, and we want to partner with it on this. To the Uber family across the island - our driver partners, our rider community -  we would like to say thank you. We hope to be serving you again soon.

The Uber team