Going out at night should be fun and safe. Instead, 53% of women reported feeling unsafe at night even when walking alone within a mile from their home.

Whether it’s heading out on a first date or getting home after drinks with friends, women are constantly making decisions on how to prioritize safety in their day to day. 

At Uber, we get it. And we believe when we make the world safer for women we make it safer for everyone. 

That’s why today we’re introducing safety preferences, making it easier than ever for riders to maximize our in-app safety features, especially at night.

Starting today, we’ll launch this new, one-stop destination in the app to riders around the world, allowing them to tailor their safety preferences and have peace of mind that it’s handled. 

For example, you can choose up to four safety features to automatically turn on based on time or location, whether it’s for all trips, trips after 9pm, or even every time you leave a bar or restaurant. You can set your safety preferences through your settings in the Uber app at any time or just tap the blue safety shield while on a trip. Safety features riders can customize include*:

  • RideCheck: RideCheck helps detect if a ride goes off-course, stops unexpectedly, or ends early and sends an in-app check-in. Or you can choose to receive check-ins more frequently. When this happens, we’ll check-in to ask if everything is ok and offer resources to help. 
  • PIN verification: Riders have the option to receive a four-digit PIN code to provide to a driver before the trip can begin. This helps ensure you’re getting into the right car. 
  • Audio Recording: Riders can record audio during a trip. All audio recordings are encrypted and stored securely on your device. Your recording will be locked, and no one—not the driver, not Uber, nor you—has access to it. Uber can only access the recording if you report a safety incident and choose to share the recording with Uber. 
  • Share My Trip: Riders can automatically share their live location and trip details with a friend or family member.

Safety preferences are available beginning today across the U.S., Canada, and Latin America and will be expanding to more countries in the coming weeks.

Learn more about safety at Uber here.

*Safety features may vary by city, country, or region