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Activating your Uber for Business profile

April 24, 2019 / Europe

Getting set-up is easy

Few quick tips before you begin, that can ease the process for you

  • Have the Uber app installed on your mobile device. Are you a new rider? – First create a personal profile on your Uber app (with phone no. & email address) before you start the activation process
  • Your personal Uber profile must have email address updated (Check the FAQ section)
  • For a smoother set-up, complete the linking process from your mobile device rather than desktop

Let’s begin

Check for your inbox for the Uber for Business invite

Click here to request a re-send of the invite

If you are activating in app, follow the below steps

Step 1

Open the email invite sent in your work inbox & click on ‘Get Started

Step 2

Click on ‘Join the account

Step 3

Check if activation has been successful or not. Open your Uber app menu, go to ‘Payment‘, scroll down to the ‘Rider Profiles‘ section & you will be able to see your business & personal profile

Step 4

Launch the app to ride. Select your Company’s Uber for Business account before you confirm your ride.

If you are activating through a web-sign in, follow the below steps


Click “get started”. This is a unique invite link & will only work for you. Please do not forward your invite or use your colleague’s invite link


Already have a personal rider Uber account? Click on “YES, SIGN IN”

New rider? Click on ”No, create a new Uber account”


Sign in using your personal rider profile details – email or mobile number
(Pro tip: For an easier set up – plug in your email address)


Enter your Uber rider account password.
Forgot password? Hit the “Forgot password” button on the bottom left side of the screen


Voila! Your account is activated!

How to check if your account is activated

  • Open your Uber app menu,
  • Go to Payment,
  • Scroll down to the ‘Rider Profiles’ you will see your Business profile as well as your Personal profile.

How to add a payment method

Depending upon the programme & policy set by your company, you may be asked to add an alternate method of payment on your Business profile

  • Open the Uber app
  • Go to the Menu bar (top left)
  • Go to ‘Payments‘ section
  • Scroll down to the ‘Rider profiles‘ section
  • Tap on your Company’s Uber for Business profile
  • Select/add your payment method for your business profile

Common activation related FAQs

Still not done? Don’t worry, leave your number here & request for a call back!