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Bringing Matmut closer to its members with Uber for Business

September 30, 2022 / Romania

A prevention ally for a major insurer in France

Matmut Group is a major player in the French market that insures more than 4.1 million members and has nearly 7.8 million contracts. Since its creation 60 years ago, the group continues to offer a wide variety of services and has remained committed to its members by focusing on strong values such as sincerity, trust and transparency.

With the reopening of night establishments in July 2021, Matmut initiated a prevention campaign, called “Captain Trajet”, aimed at young people aged between the ages of 18 to 35. The objective for the insurer was clear: to avoid excess claims by offering travel vouchers to its members. The group wanted to offer a way for the youth to reconnect with normal life after the pandemic but in a safe manner. Following a consultation with our team in France, Matmut chose Uber for Business to support them in setting up the operation.

After looking at several online companies, Uber for Business emerged as the only platform offering a simple, flexible and easy-to-implement tool. Their services are in line with our expectations.

Stéphane Gascoin, Project Interface, Partnerships and Prevention Manager, Matmut Group

A flexible solution that put Matmut in control

Uber for Business provided an offering that met the objectives of Matmut Group. The platform granted the mutual insurer great autonomy in the management of its micro-targeting campaigns. The insurer was able to choose the volume, dates, places and monetary amount of the travel vouchers they wanted to distribute to its members, giving them complete control over their spending.

Thanks to our tailor-made service, Matmut Group was able to adjust its direct marketing campaigns according to the moments that seemed most relevant to support young people. The functionality of the Uber for Business platform has already proven itself with over 3,000 trips in 24 major cities in France, which has been carried out across five campaigns in 2021. This year, the insurer is increasing the number of operations they run to one per month, with the goal of preventing any road hazards.

With Uber for Business, we have great autonomy in campaign management […] which allows us to organise activities throughout the year.

Stéphane Gascoin, Project Interface, Partnerships and Prevention Manager, Matmut Group

Continuous support for insurers and policyholders

Since the first “Captain Trajet” campaign where vouchers were allocated, the Matmut Group has been able to count on the responsiveness of our support team. Whether it’s a change request or a user complaint, our Uber for Business support team is able to provide a clear and quick response to the insurer.

With Uber for Business, we are very well supported. As soon as we encounter a problem, the service is very responsive and our members are delighted to see that their request is answered very quickly.

Stéphane Gascoin, Project Interface, Partnerships and Prevention Manager, Matmut Group

Figures of success

  • 3,021 rides over 6 months
  • 5 “Captain Trajet” operations organised over the last 6 months 
  • Efficient service in 24 major cities in France
  • 1,180 vouchers distributed during the “End of year party” operation
  • Vouchers usable between 3 days and 1 week
  • 774 vouchers used when nightclubs reopened